Kapalua hotels are among some of the nicest (and most expensive) to be found on the island of Maui. This resort community was built to be first class in every way. A favorite destination for golfers, this region boasts some amazing golf courses. In fact, Kapalua hosts a series of major professional golf events annually.

If you are looking to stay in a Kapalua hotel during your stay on Maui please make sure to make your bookings well in advance. This will ensure that you are able to find availability, which can be tough at times. During the golf tournaments, the entire region is normally completely sold out.

The weather in Kapalua is actually much wetter than the other planned resort communities of Maui. The region of Kapalua is located almost all the way at the northwest tip of the island and the trade winds typically blow some rain around the corner in the afternoon and evenings.