Kapalua golf courses are some of the best on the island. Each year there are a series of major annual tournaments that are held here. These big budget events require that the course must be impeccably maintained. The bar is set very high, but the greenskeepers and course maintenance team are able to consistently meet (and exceed) the expectations of the visiting pros.

The weather in Kapalua can be hit or miss. Being that the course is situated on the Northwest point of the island there is a bit more rain here than you would find farther south in Kaanapali which can be a turn off to some. However, the rains normally cool down the temperature and do not last long so the weather actually is viewed as a positive by some players.

If you left your clubs at home do not let that keep you from getting out on the Kapalua Golf Courses to play a round. There is a very nice selection of rental clubs available at the clubhouse, and there is also a very nice practice area that you can get warmed up at and get used to how the clubs hit.

One thing that you need to remember about the Kapalua Golf Course is that it is one of the islands most popular locations to play so you will need to make reservations in advance. Do not wait until the last minute, there is a high likelihood you will be disappointed.