The Zipline Tour in Lahaina is done over an organic farm. Lahaina is home to a Dragon Fruit Farm located just south of the town. Nestled in an elevated location in West Maui, it commands a spectacular view of the historic town of Lahaina and parts of West Maui. The Maui Dragon Fruit Farm is a premier organic farm that also provides tours of their farm. There is also a zip line that goes over the fields and an aquaball track. The Maui Dragon Fruit Farm grows more than dragon fruit. They also have bananas, passion fruit, papaya, sugarcane, and pineapples. Their zip line is 450 feet long. It might not be that long but it is definitely fast. It is also great for doing zip line tricks like the inverted V, scorpion, lay back or spinning. They have no minimum weight so even kids as young as 5 can go on the zip line. They will also give you a tour of their facilities and educate you about the different fruits they have there. It is an excellent activity for the whole family. You will also get a taste of their produce there.

The Zipline Tour in Lahaina is quite strenuous so those with medical conditions like back problems or women who are pregnant are not advised to partake in these activities. It’s also advised not to go scuba diving 24 hours before the zip lines. This is because the ziplines are located at high elevations and going to a high altitude after scuba diving can have harmful effects. It can cause decompression sickness or the bends. This is caused by bubbles which form in the blood and other body parts of people who have the pressure around them decrease too quickly.

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Jeremy Stice is the Author of the Maui Real Estate Guidebook.

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