Kahana is a seaside community. Because of this Whale Watching in Kahana is easy. You can just find an elevated position and a pair of binoculars. You can then see these gentle giants playing just off the coast. If you want to be closer to them then you can join a whale watching tour that leaves from Kaanapali or Lahaina. These tours will take you over the water and have you as close as possible to the whales. Most of these tours also have onboard marine biologists or cetologists who will lecture you about the whales and their habits. The Whale Watching in Kahana is done in different ways. Some of them use big catamarans. These are big boats that can fit around 100 people. However, they will only a smaller number of people so guests aren’t too cramped. Some use smaller rafts and zodiacs. These ones are smaller and the ride is wetter. Anyone with back, neck or are pregnant is not adviced to go on this one since it can get bumpy.

The whales that visit the Hawaiian Islands every year attract a lot of visitors from all over the world. The whales leave their subarctic homes for the warmer Hawaiian waters during the winter months. They have been visiting Hawaii as far back as the Ancient Polynesian era, 1-600 AD. These gentle giants have been visiting Hawaii for hundreds of years. They used to be hunted back when the whaling industry was at its peak. Back then, whales were essential for communities. Most of their parts were used for daily living. The fat or the blubber under their skin was used to make oil that was used as fuel for lamps and wax for candles. They were also used in the manufacturing of soap. The bones or Baleen was used for common implements in 19th-century households. The meat was also part of the diet of many people back then. Now they are honorary members of the Hawaiian Ohana.

Jeremy Stice is the Author of the Maui Real Estate Guidebook.

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