Lahaina has some of the best views on the island of Maui. A great way of seeing these views is by going Parasailing in Lahaina. There’s something about flying through the air and having the wind on your face that appeals to everyone. Imagine flying high above the ocean and seeing the wide expanse of the Pacific ocean and the West Maui mountains all around you. The Parasailing boats in Lahaina are all custom made and modified for parasailing so you know that you are in safe hands. The parasailing boats here are utilizing a hydraulic launch and recovery system that provides an easy takeoff and landings directly on the boat.

Parasailing rides can last between nine to twelve minutes. They can go up to eight hundred or twelve hundred feet. That’s around 80 to 100 stories tall. There are regular rates and there are also promos for the Parasailing Tours. There are Early Bird and High Noon rates. The Early Bird ones are the earliest rides and they are offered for a discounted price. The High Noon ones are the ones at well high noon. They are also offered at a discounted price. You can also do a solo parasail or you can do it with another person. There are also options to do it with three people. Most of the Maui Parasails use a harness which leaves your feet free to dangle. Children can also join in on the fun. If you are not planning on going up on the parasail, then you can be an observer. You can still ride the boat and take pictures which is still plenty fun.

Here is a list of the different options for Parasailing in Lahaina.