Although Kula is not a hotspot of activities, there are some things that visitors can do while they are here. The Kula Things to Do mostly consist of activities that are close by and not directly in Kula. Because of its close proximity to Haleakala, guests staying in Kula can head to the “House of the Sun” and take in the unique landscape. The Haleakala crater is often likened to the surface of the moon or Mars. This is because the crater is streaked with different colors of red soil and filled with craters. These were formed by lava flow many years ago. Watching the sunrise from the top of the mountain is a popular activity to do on the summit of Haleakala. To do this guests drive up to the top of Haleakala when it is still dark, normally trying to get there at least an hour before the dawn. When the sun slowly comes up over the horizon, guests are shown an amazing site. The extreme elevation, the beautiful colors, and views that you can see here are definitely worth documenting with a few photos. If you get to the Puu Ulaula Summit and the weather is clear, you can see all of the Hawaiian islands except Kauai.

If you want to join organized tours, there is much more variety down the hill in Kihei and Wailea. However, there is a zip line tour a few minutes away from Kula just a few miles up Crater Road. The Skyline Eco Adventure is actually the first zip line course that was built in the United States. Skyline has managed to stay very popular over the years and has since opened up many more courses throughout the state buy their Haleakala course has remained one of the most popular Kula things to do.

Jeremy Stice is the Author of the Maui Real Estate Guidebook.

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