Kapalua means “arms embracing the sea”. The scenic lava peninsulas bring those words to life. The Kayaking Tours in Kapalua is the best way to see these beautiful places up close. From your kayaks, you will get up close and personal with all of the natural beauty Kapalua’s amazing coastline and Maui’s teeming tropical sea life. These kinds of activities are one of the best ways to marvel and see why Maui is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world. Kapalua is a perfect place for kayak tours. D.T. Fleming beach is located here which was voted as the best beach in America once.

The Kayaking Tours in Kapalua start with you meeting your guides at their shop or in the place where you enter the water. You will be given a short orientation about safety precautions and what you will be doing during the trip. The guide will teach you how to use your kayak paddles and the features of your particular kayak model. You will also be given some snorkeling gear since snorkeling is part of most of these types of activities. Then you will enter the water one at a time. After you get past the surf then the tour commences.

You will glide over the water and check out the marvelous coastline of Kapalua. These tours are perfect if you want to spend a day relaxing and taking in the sights while gliding over the water since the pace is casual and not meant to be a race. Always practice caution on these trips and always keep your eyes on your guide since he will change the route you will take depending on the weather conditions and water conditions. During the winter months, it is not uncommon to see whales breaching and swimming in the water. Dolphins will also get close and check you out from time to time.

Here is a list of the different options for Kayaking Tours in Kapalua.


Jeremy Stice is the Author of the Maui Real Estate Guidebook.

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