The west shore of Maui has some of the most impressive coastal views you can find anywhere on the planet. A good way to see these awesome sights is by going on Kayak Tours in Lahaina. These tours will take you to all of the best places to snorkel and view the majesty of Maui on the west shore. The waters in Maui’s coast is perfect for kayaks since it’s calm and has excellent visibility. Gliding over the water on a kayak is a relaxing experience that you will not forget. You will be able to see the the West Maui mountains and the majestic Ukumehame Valley.

The Kayak Tours in Lahaina will be identical to the ones in Kapalua. You will start by meeting your guides at their shop or in the place where you enter the water. You will be given a short orientation about safety precautions and what you will be doing during the trip. The guide will teach you how to use your kayak paddles and the features of your particular kayak model. You will also be given some snorkeling gear since snorkeling is part of most of these types of activities. Then you will enter the water one at a time. After you get past the surf then the tour commences.

There are also tours where they combine hiking, snorkeling and kayaking. These tours usually take you kayaking first then snorkeling. Afterwards, you will be driven to the trailhead and hike for a mile or so through lush rainforest and to waterfalls and natural pools. There is also a kayaking whale watch tour. These tours will get you as close as possible to the whales that visit Hawaii every year.

Here is a list of the different options for Kayak Tours in Lahaina.


Jeremy Stice is the Author of the Maui Real Estate Guidebook.

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