The sport of tennis has evolved from being the past time of royalty to being one of the most competitive and popular sports activities in the world. Even in the tropical paradise of Maui, tennis is played by many people. There are multiple Kaanapali Tennis courts. Most of them are owned by hotels and guests can play for free. Tennis is a good way to exercise while also having fun. The Kaanapali Tennis courts are always in use since most of the visitors here love playing the game. There are multiple benefits to playing tennis. That is why most of the hotels and condos in Kaanapali has tennis courts on site.

Tennis is a great sport. It helps in maintaining health and fitness. It can also help you develop strength and agility since you are always on the move trying to get that ball. It is a great physical workout. It’s also a perfect way of burning through all the delicious food you get to eat in Maui. It is also a full body workout. You will need to use your entire body to play the game. Running after the ball and hitting to the opposing player will help you work out a sweat. It can also help you boost your brain power. Since the game requires you to be creative and tactical, you will need to make split-second decisions to win the game. Your endurance and speed will also develop while playing this game.

Tennis is great for old players and new ones. You can start playing tennis regardless of your age. Even children as young as 10 can start playing the game. There are also players that are older that still play. It’s important to stay healthy even on your vacation. Playing tennis is a fun and enjoyable way of doing so.

Jeremy Stice is the Author of the Maui Real Estate Guidebook.

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