Surfing has a deep-rooted history in Hawaii. Some even say that it was invented and perfected here. It used to be an activity that was enjoyed by kings and royalty. Nowadays, anyone can learn to surf. There are vendors who offer Kaanapali Surfing Lessons. You can choose to have them as private lessons with just you or a few of your friends or have them in a group with other people who want to learn surfing. Whichever you choose, the attentive and helpful instructors will surely have you riding your first wave in no time.

Kaanapali Beach is perfect for beginners since the surf here is pretty consistent and the perfect size for those who are just learning to surf. Famous surfing spots in Kaanapali is the Kaanapali Point and Rainbows. Kaanapali Point is perfect for beginners since the waves are typically gentle and sloping. This place can get crowded with surfing lessons from various surf schools and residents fighting for waves. It is advised to always be careful and mindful of others. The next surfing spot is Rainbows. The name may not be scary but don’t let it fool you. This wave north of Kaanapali is a serious wave that can do major damage if your skills are not up to par. With huge waves and swells, this should only be surfed by those who are advanced surfers. Not to mention the swell breaks and pitches over a sharp, shallow reef full of urchins.

The winter months bring with it a new level of danger. Always exercise caution when venturing out even in beginner surf spots since the waves get bigger in the winter.

Here is a list of the different options for Surf Lessons in Kaanapali.


Jeremy Stice is the Author of the Maui Real Estate Guidebook.

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