Wailuku is perfectly located in the mouth of the Iao valley at the bottom of the West Maui mountains. Its close proximity to Iao valley allows the Hiking Tours in Wailuku to thrive. Being the county seat of Maui, Wailuku has developed quite a lot since the first time settlers came here. However, it still has that old town feel thanks to the historic buildings dotting the town and the lush greenery surrounding it. Hiking through Wailuku is like taking a step back in time. The area’s largely untouched lush tropical rainforests used to be the burial grounds of the Ali’i or royals. They were buried here in secret locations. Nowadays, it is a great place to have a little outdoor fun. One of the attractions in Iao Valley is the Iao Needle. It is a lava remnant that is about 1,200 feet tall that is covered with vegetations. This place is also one of the wettest places in Maui.

The tours available here will take you through the lush rainforests that Wailuku has to offer. If you are bringing kids with you then you can join the Treasure Hunt Hike from Stardust Hawaii. These tours are perfect for kids. They will surely enjoy hiking through forests and learning about the different plants and animals on the island of Maui. The excitement of finding the treasure is another level of adventure. If you would like something more exciting and extreme, you need to try the Rappelling Tours from Rappel Maui. Their tours will take you through lush tropical rainforests and to waterfalls. You will then rappel up them. You can also swim in the pools at the bottom of these waterfalls.

Here is a list of the different options for Hiking Tours in Wailuku.


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