Helicopter Tours in Kahului are only possible because of the presence of the Kahului Airport. The Kahului Airport is the main one on the island of Maui. It receives both international and interisland flights. Right beside the Kahului Airport is the Kahului Heliport. This is where the helicopters leave from for each tour. Because of the central location of the Heliport, they can go anywhere on Maui and the neighboring islands of Molokai, Lanai and Kahoolawe. Most of them focus on only one of the regions of Maui, like east, south, north or west Maui.

These Helicopter Tours will definitely give you a view of Maui that not everyone has seen. You will understand why Maui is called the Valley Island. With the awe-inspiring natural beauty of Mt. Haleakala, the valleys and lush rainforest of East Maui and the gorgeous beauty of Maui, you will not want to go back down to the ground. The pilot will give you details about the places you are flying over.

There are different helicopters that are used for the Helicopter Tours in Kahului. There’s the A-Star, the Robinson R44, and the Whisper Star. The A-Star is kind of like the golden standard for helicopters in Maui Helicopter Tours. You get 180 degrees visibility with this one and it seats 6 people, 7 including the pilot. The Robinson R44 is for the people who want a more exciting ride. This helicopter only has 4 seats but it is the only one that can be flown with doors on or doors off. The Whisper Stars are the upgraded version of the A-Star. They are wider and allows more room inside the vehicle.

Here is a list of the different options for Helicopter Tours in Kahului.

Maui 60 Min Circle Island Deluxe – Sunshine Helicopter
Molokai Deluxe 60 Min – Sunshine Helicopters
Hana Sky Trek – Temptation Tours
Hana/Haleakala Flight – Air Maui
West Maui, Molokai 60 minute – Air Maui
Complete Island – Air Maui
West Maui, Molokai 45 minute flight – Air Maui
Maui Spirit (Aprx 50 minutes) – Maverick Aviation
Molokai Voyage (55 minutes) – Maverick Aviation
Maui Dream (Aprx 70 minutes) – Maverick Aviation
50-60 Minute West / Maui Molokai – Pacific Helicopters Tours Inc
40-50 Minute West Maui – Pacific Helicopters Tours Inc
50-60 Minute Hana Rainforest – Pacific Helicopters Tours Inc
40-50 Minute East Maui – Pacific Helicopters Tours Inc
Maui Circle Island Early Bird – Sunshine Helicopters
West Maui Molokai 40-45 minutes – Sunshine Helicopter
Maui Early Bird Hana/Haleakala – Sunshine Helicopters
Molokai Deluxe 60 Min Early Bird – Sunshine Helicopters
Maui 45 Min Hana/Crater – Sunshine Helicopter

Jeremy Stice is the Author of the Maui Real Estate Guidebook.

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