Halloween is one of the biggest holidays on Maui. The Halloween on Front Street is a great testament to this. Every year, hundreds and even thousands of people, guests and locals alike, gather in Lahaina for the biggest party in Maui, even in the entire state of Hawaii. The entire length of Front Street is closed off to vehicles and only foot traffic is allowed on it. The event is unofficially divided into halves. The first half is the family-friendly one. This is the earlier part of the event where the focus of the party is on families. There is a children’s costume contest. Parents can bring their kids as they stroll through Front Street and join the different activities. There are face painting, trick or treats, and even some magic shows. There is also a parade for keikis on their costumes. Kids are sure to have a great time here. If you get hungry, Front Street is lined with restaurants and shops where you can get some food.

The other half is for adults. This one is held on later in the night and goes on until around midnight. During this time, costumes get more revealing and the crowd might get rowdy. There is a costume contest for adults. It is divided into categories. There is one for singles, one for couples, and one for groups. The costumes that contestants wear for the contest are prepared for some time in advance. This shows that they really take Halloween seriously here. The different bars and shops lining Front Street also have their own costume contests. If you want to get into the bars, you will need to arrive early since they can fill up fast. Most of the bars and shops have a cover charge during this event.

If you are staying in South Maui, it would be a great idea to book a cruise that leaves out of Maalaea Harbor and docks at Lahaina Harbor. This way you can avoid the traffic that backs up for miles on the Honoapiilani Highway. There is also food and entertainment on board. You will then disembark in Lahaina Harbor and join the festivities of the Halloween on Front Street. The captains will set a time when you need to come back and you will then cruise down back to Maalaea Harbor.

Jeremy Stice is the Author of the Maui Real Estate Guidebook.

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