Wailea is the center of the resort area of Maui. Because of the clear waters and teeming marine life, it’s no wonder water activities are huge in Wailea. One of these activities is Diving in Wailea. Diving in Wailea is a great way of seeing some of the best views that Maui has to offer. These views are something not every visitor get to see. If you want to get certified here in Maui then you can join a certification class here. The classes here are similar to the ones in Lahaina but with some variations. The ones in Lahaina were referrals and you could do the academic and pool work at home and you could do the 4 required ocean dives here in Maui. However, the ones in Wailea will offer you the entire class itself. This two-day class will include the academic sessions, the pool sessions, and the 4 ocean dives. You don’t have to worry about gear since they will provide it too.

For certified divers, you can choose to go for the certified dive tours. These dives will take you to the best places in Wailea to dive in. You will get to see coral reefs, vibrant tropical fishes, and unique marine life. These include sea turtles, dolphins, reef sharks and whales. There is also a beach dive for people who are not certified but want to try diving into the ocean. These tours start with a dive instructor teaching you the basics of scuba diving in a pool. You will learn how to scuba dive in the safety of the pool before heading out to the beach for an introductory beach dive.

Here is a list of the different options for Diving in Wailea.


Jeremy Stice is the Author of the Maui Real Estate Guidebook.

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