The Dinner Cruise in Lahaina is a must try for guests who visit Maui. This historic town on the west shore of Maui offers amazing views of the West Maui mountains and the Pacific ocean. There’s no better feeling than sipping on cocktails and feasting on delicious food while on a boat in Maui. With the waters gently swaying and the breeze caressing you, it certainly makes up a night to remember. The views are amazing as well. You get to see the world-famous Maui sunset. You can watch the sky change colors from bright colors to dark orange and finally to black with the stars above you. During the winter months, you can even see the Humpback Whales that visit Hawaii every year. These gentle giants will add an exciting element to your evening.

If you are planning on joining a dinner cruise in Maui, you can expect delicious food and a live musician or music playing during the trip. They also include full dinners and an open bar. The most common dishes you can find one these kinds of trips are select cuts of meat, fresh fish prepared with island ingredients, and other dishes you can also find in Luaus. They also serve desserts and a selection of drinks. An added bonus to this activity is during the winter months, you can get a chance to see whales breaching and swimming by. The beautiful Maui sunset is also a highlight of dinner cruises. Seeing the colors of the sky change from light ones to murky pastels is mesmerizing. They also serve alcohol during the dinner cruise. However, it is only limited to 3 orders for each person. Don’t forget to bring a valid ID so you can order.

Here is a list of the for Dinner Cruise in Lahaina.


Jeremy Stice is the Author of the Maui Real Estate Guidebook.

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