Lahaina is a very important town in Maui. It has a long and colorful history. If you want to get a glimpse of the long history of Lahaina then you can go for the Bike Tours in Lahaina. These tours will take you to the historic places in Lahaina. Technically these tours are not on bikes. They are on Segways. However, these are considered bike tours.  These tours are pretty laid back since you will be gliding across the ground on the Segways.

These personal transport vehicles will make the tour a breeze. There are multiple places of interest in Lahaina. One of the most recognizable is the Lahaina Banyan Tree. The Banyan Tree was planted in 1873  by a missionary to commemorate the 5oth anniversary of the arrival of the Protestant Missionaries. This place has been the site of numerous events. There is also the Old Lahaina Lighthouse. This was the first lighthouse in all of Hawaii. It used to be just 9 feet tall but it was increased to 26 feet in 1866. The lighthouse was an important part of the old Lahaina when it was known as the “whaling capital of the Pacific”. The Baldwin House is also located in Lahaina. This is one of the oldest buildings in Lahaina. Then there’s the Pioneer Inn. This is the oldest hotel on the Island of Maui. It was built in 1901.

These tours include a short lesson on how to ride the Segways. They will also provide you with helmets and reflective vests for safety and light bags for small belongings.

Here is a list of the different options for Bike Tours in Lahaina.


Jeremy Stice is the Author of the Maui Real Estate Guidebook.

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