Maui is a hotspot of activity. There are so many things to do on Maui that entire books have been dedicated just to this subject. The availability of open space on Maui, beautiful locations, and enough visitors to enable developers to find a worthwhile return on investment has created an environment where so much can be found in such a small area. Contained within the “things to do on Maui” section of this guidebook you will find a plethora of information about what there is to do.

“There are so many things to do on Maui that you can do a new organized activity everyday for multiple years without repeating. On top of that there are so many beaches, hiking trails and other points of interest. The amount of things to do on Maui is massive.”

– Jeremy Stice, Realtor (B)

Learn About the Things To Do On Maui

Here you will find all the information you need to get an idea Things to do on Maui. There are so many things to do on Maui it is almost hard to comprehend. There are beautiful beaches, hundreds of organized activities to choose from and a wide range of scenic locations and points of interest to visit. For those who are active or those who are looking for more relaxing activities, Maui has a great deal to offer. We’ve organized the things to do on Maui into regions to make it easy to find what is close to your home or temporary accommodations.

Kaanapali Things To Do

Kaanapali is a hotspot of activity. Most of the things to do on Maui are here. The large resorts that are found here have acted as magnets for the owners of activity companies. There are dinner cruises that will pick you up from the soft white sands of Kaanapali Beach. There are luaus that are held nightly at many of the Kaanapali resorts. For the more adventurous, there are zip line courses and horseback rides close by. For those who are looking to get some sports in, there are some very nice golf courses that are located right in the middle of Kaanapali. Browse through this section to get a better idea of what is kind of options you can find for things to do in Kaanapali.

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Lahaina Things To Do

Lahaina harbor is the single most active place on the island when it comes to things to do. This historic port is where you will find most of the things to do in Lahaina begin from. You can go snorkeling, SCUBA diving, parasailing, whale watching, sailing, fishing, try a submarine tour or even a sunset sail or dinner cruise. In addition to the activities around the port, there are also some top-notch luaus that can be found on the north and south sides of town. For the night owls, there is more of a nightlife scene in Lahaina than you will find anywhere else on the island.

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Kapalua Things To Do

Kapalua is a first class resort destination. In addition to the hotels and resorts that you will find here, there are also some great organized activities. The Kapalua golf course is the original and most popular activity in the area. The clubhouse is also the headquarters of the Kapalua activity center. Here you will find one of the island’s largest zip line courses as well as some other family-friendly activities.

Kayaking Tours in Kapalua | Zipline Tours in Kapalua

Kihei Things To Do

Until the late 1980’s there was not much development on the Kihei coastline. It was a land of Kiawe trees and long white sand beaches. Since those times things have been build up significantly and this area of the island has become one of the island’s most populated areas. With the development came a lot of recreational opportunities. Surfing, golfing and horseback riding are all available for the more active segments of the population. For those that prefer to take life at a more mellow pace, there are literally miles of white sand beaches to explore and some of the most beautiful sunset views on the island.

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Wailea Things To Do

After the success of the Kapalua resort community, the island’s developers decided to try to emulate the massive success of the resorts on the island’s South Shore. Soon after the region of Wailea was created. It took about 10 years for it to realize this dream. Today you will find a line of some of the most first-class resorts to be found anywhere on the planet. There are not quite as many options of things to do in Wailea that you will find at its sibling community on the west side of the island. However, if you are into golfing or snorkeling there are some great options to choose from. The picturesque island of Molokini sits only a few miles offshore and there are many boats that depart from Kihei or Makena that can take you out to see Molokini on a daily basis.

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Kahului Things To Do

The community plan of Maui never really sought to make Kahului a hotspot of tourist activity. Since the beginning, Kahului has been an area that has been designated for the local population of the island. That being said, there are some fun things to do in Kahului. There are multiple golf courses within a few minutes of the city center. There is a large commercial harbor that has a public boat ramp that is frequented by local fisherman and pleasure craft owners. In the harbor, you will also find a canoe club and if you show up on the right Saturday you could even get lucky enough to see a canoe regatta.

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Wailuku Things To Do

Wailuku is the capital of Maui County. Here you will find the county building, the courthouse and a collection of shops and restaurants that are largely out of view from the beaten paths of tourism. Just up the hill from the center of town you will find one of the local populations favorite things to do in Wailuku, the Iao Valley State Park. Iao is a lush valley that is carpeted with a dense jungle canopy. Through the bottom of the valley runs the Iao Steam. A shallow stream with many small swimming holes scattered throughout that winds its way from deep in the mountain down to the sea. If you are looking to escape the development of Wailuku, Iao is just a few minutes away.

Hiking Tours in Wailuku | Horseback Riding Tours in Wailuku | Zipline Tours in Wailuku

Haiku Things To Do

The expansive region known as Haiku is a hotspot for country living. There are some very large parcels of land that can be found here that have been developed for all kinds of recreational activities. You can find zip line courses, large ranches with horseback riding, waterfalls, hiking trails, some of the largest rideable waves on the planet, mountain biking, large children’s playgrounds and more. Browse through our things to do in Haiku section to get more of an idea of what recreational activities that Haiku has to offer.

Bike Tours in Haiku

Paia Things To Do

Paia is the jewel of Maui’s north shore. There is some nightlife here, there are some nice places to walk around, there are some good places to shop but none of this is what Paia is really known for. Most of the things to do in Paia that are most popular all have to do with the ocean. The surfing here is great but believe it or not the area is actually more well known for the windsurfing and kitesurfing opportunities that can be found here. Hookipa beach park is the site for the world championships of windsurfing which happen here annually. If you visit Hookipa during any given afternoon you are bound to quickly understand why. The wind direction and waves are absolutely ideal.

Sightseeing Land Tours in Paia

Hana Things To Do

Hana is a beautiful location to be outside. While this side of the island is generally much wetter than any other location on Maui, the silver lining of this is that the foliage is normally a rich shade of green that almost has a neon tint to it. There is a tremendous opportunity for hiking, swimming in waterfalls and exploring Maui’s countryside. When the weather is cooperating there are some great beaches to enjoy and even some good surfing opportunities when the waves are right. Above all Hana is a great place to come when you want to get away from it all and spend some time relaxing in beautiful surroundings.

Hiking Tours in Hana | Sightseeing Tours in Hana

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