The island of Molokai is the fifth largest island in the state of Hawaii. Unspoiled country and untouched beaches perfectly encapsulate what Molokai has to offer. If you want to experience the Hawaii of the past then you should join the Sightseeing Tour in Molokai. Molokai has a long and interesting history. Molokai is the least developed of the Hawaiian Islands. They have kept the spirit of ancient Hawaii alive even today. It is known for its natural beauty and impressive views. Places of interest here include the Kalaupapa National Historic Park. This was a settlement for people suffering from Hansen’s disease or Leprosy. Back then, they were relocated here and isolated from the rest of the people. It has become historic because of the selfless devotion of Father Damien and Sister Marianne. They devoted their time to helping and caring for the people who used to live here. There are also Hawaiian Fishponds here. These were built 700-800 years ago. They are a great example of early Hawaiian ingenuity. Halawa Valley is the location of one of the oldest settlements on the island of Molokai. Halawa Valley is gifted with beautiful views and two towering waterfalls.

The Sightseeing Tour in Molokai is from Molokai Outdoors. They will take you to the different places of interest in the entire island of Molokai. Halawa Valley Lookout is one of the stops during this tour. This place offers the best place to see the entire east side of Molokai. They will also take you to a restored Hawaiian Fishpond. These fishponds were an integral part of the community in Ancient Molokai. You will also get a chance to see St. Joseph Church. This is one of the four that make up the Molokai Catholic Parish which was founded by Father Damien. This church still stands as it was when it was built in 1876. You will then have lunch at a local restaurant. Afterward, you will get a chance to go to the Pala’au State Park. This is where the Kalaupapa Lookout and Kauleonanahoa are located.

Here is a list of the different options for Sightseeing Land Tour in Molokai.

Island Tour – Molokai Outdoors

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