Napili Guidebook

Napili Real Estate is a hotspot of activity because of the history of this place. Napili at one time was a town that has very distinct boundaries. As the development of the 1980s built up the neighboring communities of Kapalua and Kahana it has become a bit difficult to clearly see where the boundaries are because it has been essentially connected to the adjacent towns by development. The shoreline of Napili is something special. A destination for snorkelers, divers, surfers, and fisherman the coastlines and reefs are swarming with recreational potential.

“Napili is a completely different climate than what you will find in Lahaina. The temperatures are cooler, there is more annual rainfall, many people really enjoy what Napili has to offer.”

– Jeremy Stice, Realtor (B)


Learn About Napili Real Estate

Here you will find all the information you need to get an idea of what Napili is all about. We have information on Restaurants in Napili, Things to Do in Napili, Beaches in Napili, all of the Places To Stay In Napili and of course, because you probably won’t want to go home once you visit, we have all the information you need about purchasing a home in the Napili Real Estate market too!


Napili Real Estate

Napili Real Estate has been a very favored region for Maui locals for many years. The combination of beaches, cooler weather, accessibility to Lahaina and Honolulu bay all contribute to why people enjoy Napili so much. However, as with many other older communities of Maui, the development of Napili has been fairly “Organic”. This absence of long-term urban planning has created some things that you need to watch out for when investing here. Contact us for more information about what to look out for when buying Napili real estate, we’re happy to help.

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Napili Beaches

The beaches of Napili are world class. Although they can be rough during the winter months for much of the year the beaches of Napili make for an ideal location to enjoy the sand and surf. Parking can sometimes be an issue for some locations but with some patience you can normally make things work. If the weather is calm the snorkeling and SCUBA diving on the Napili coastline are first class. When the surf is up there are some good places to get waves in Napili if you like to surf or stand up paddle.

Napili Restaurants

The restaurant selection of Napili has a good amount of variety. Foods can be found at all price points and most kinds of cuisines are able to be located without having to try too hard. If you are looking for take out there are many locations available. Or, if you are looking to have a gourmet fine dining experience there are many options available for that as well.

Napili Hotels

Napili was designed to be one of Maui’s original resort communities. The resort building boom was long done by the time all the large resorts were built farther south in Kaanapali but some smaller hotels are still operating in Napili. There are some true gems that can be found in Napili that provide nice accommodation options for the value conscious visitor. If you are looking at investing in a Maui vacation rental there are many properties in Napili that are zoned for short-term rental.

Things to do in Napili

There are some areas up on the mountain that offer Napili residents a bit of room for land-based activities but by and large, the majority of things to do in Napili are in or along the ocean. Fishing, snorkeling, surfing, stand up paddling and more are all available in the Napili area. If you are looking for larger parks and outdoor spaces there are plenty of options for those kinds of activities father south in the towns of Lahaina or Kaanapali.

Napili Golf

Napili is not known as a destination for golfing but it is located very close to many very nice Maui golf courses. Kapalua golf course is located just a few minutes to the north and the Kaanapali courses are located a few minutes drive to the south. If you are a golfer and you’re staying in Napili you will have plenty of courses to choose from.

Napili Vacation Rentals

The hotels of Napili are in many cases made up of different privately owned vacation rental units. Most of the apartments in Napili are built in areas that are zoned for either short or long term rentals so the vacation rental inventory is quite large. You will not find the resort lifestyle feeling of some of the larger resorts farther south that also have vacation rentals like the Honua Kai but you will find a value and low price point that is very appealing for those who are visiting Maui on a budget.