Pita Paradise



Description of Pita Paradise: Pita Paradise offers a unique blend of Greek, Mediterranean and Italian cuisine. During lunch they offer tasty and inexpensive Greek-Mediterranean appetizers, fresh salads, and their signature pita sandwiches. Come dinner time it becomes an Italian-Greek bistro offering chicken fettuccine and moussaka. For dessert you can try their world famous baklava ice cream cake.

  • What kinds of food do they serve at Pita Paradise? Greek, Italian, Mediterranean.
  • Pita Paradise Specialties: Unique blend of Italian, Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Are Reservations Required at Pita Paradise? No
  • Price Level of Pita Paradise: $$
  • How To Get To Pita Paradise: 34 Wailea Ike Dr, Kihei, HI 96753, USA


How to get to Pita Paradise

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