Description of Shark Pit: The Shark Pit is a restaurant in Lahaina that is serving some classic fast food. During lunch you can choose from their selection of burgers, subs or taco plates. During dinner their menu is more varied. They still have the lunch menus but they added more delicious options like salads, tapas, fish, chicken, pork, and steak. You might confuse them with the Shark Pit at Ulupono Street. They are owned by the same chef. They also have the same good food

  • What kinds of food do they serve at Shark Pit? Asian Fusion, Comfort Food.
  • Shark Pit Specialties: Delicious burgers, subs and taco plates for lunch. Salads, tapas, fish, chicken, pork, and steak are added for dinner
  • Are Reservations Required at Shark Pit? No
  • Price Level of Shark Pit: $$
  • How To Get To Shark Pit: 170 Papalaua St, Lahaina, HI 96761, USA


How to get to Shark Pit

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