Description of Veg Out: Veg Out is a vegan restaurant located in Haiku. It is a favorite of locals and tourists. Here, you can take a trip around the world with their dishes. Their menu consists of dishes from countries like Italy, India, Middle East, Greece, Thailand, Mexico, New Orleans and Japan. Some of their famous dishes are their burritos, Muffalata Sandwich, and their various cakes. This restaurant is a haven not just for vegans but also for those who want to try a healthy meal.

  • What kinds of food do they serve at Veg Out? Vegetarian.
  • Veg Out Specialties: Delicious and healthy vegan dishes from around the world.
  • Are Reservations Required at Veg Out? No
  • Price Level of Veg Out: $
  • How To Get To Veg Out: 810 Kokomo Rd, Haiku, HI 96708, USA


How to get to Veg Out

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