Ōma’opio Ridge, upcountry Maui’s exciting residential community, is a collection of 5- to 9-acre lots at an elevation of about 1300 feet. Development has progressed in two phases. The lots in Phase I have all been sold, but there are still a few lots left in Phase II. Phase II consists of 10 lots, served by underground electrical utilities and Ōma’opio Ridge’s own water system. Ranging from 5 to almost 7 acres, the parcels are far larger than the minimum permitted under the county’s agricultural zoning regulations. The objective in dividing the land into such large parcels was to allow enough space between homes that residents could feel as if they are really “out in the country” but not totally isolated from civilization. The generous lot sizes mean that people will have sufficient land to support a few horses, to establish serious vegetable or flower gardens, or simply to have a deep buffer separating them from their neighbors’ activities. 

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Jeremy Stice is the Author of the Maui Real Estate Guidebook.

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