Live and Love the Honua Kai Life Today


Live and Love the Honua Kai Life Today


Live and Love the Honua Kai Life Today


Live and Love the Honua Kai Life Today


Live and Love the Honua Kai Life Today


Live and Love the Honua Kai Life Today


Live and Love the Honua Kai Life Today


Live and Love the Honua Kai Life Today


Live and Love the Honua Kai Life Today


Honua Kai Condos For Sale

The Honua Kai Resort and Spa is a large scale world class resort vacation rental condominium complex located on 38 acres directly fronting the golden sandy shores North Kaanapali Beach. Because of more recent and stringent shoreline guidelines, Honua Kai is set back much further back from the ocean than all of the other vacation rental condo complexes in Kaanapali (right inline with the newer Westin timeshare located directly to the south of Honua Kai).

Honua Kai will always hold a special place in my heart as I proposed to my wife on the beach right in front of Honua Kai in 2011 and we capped the evening off with steak and lobster at Dukes later in the evening. We still enjoying walking this beach from time to time as well as snorkeling directly out front of the resort (spectacular coral reef) and paddling our SUP boards. The views of Lanai and Molokai island, year round sunsets, and incredibly whale watching directly outfront of the resort are absolutely mesmerizing.

We personally own an investment property in Honua Kai which we purchased in 2014. I have represented roughly 30 buyers and sellers at this resort starting in 2011. My wife and I operate a very successful top performing vacation rental portfolio of Honua Kai, we are currently managing 8 properties at Honua Kai. I am a very strong believer in the long-term value of the Honua Kai Resort and Spa. 

Honua Kai resort not very exclusive (very wide range of offerings), the amenities are top notch, the income potential is excellent, the location is pretty good, there is nice consistency throughout the resort itself as well units themselves.

Honua Kai Location: 130 Kai Malina Pkwy, Lahaina, HI 96761, USA

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Current Honua Kai Condos Listings:

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More Information About Honua Kai

The Hokulani (south) Tower of Honua Kai was built in 2008 and the Konea (north) tower was completed in 2009. These two ten-story buildings comprise a total of 628 individually owned fee simple units. The units in Konea are slightly larger than those comparable floor plans in Hokulani. All of the residences have a full kitchen which make it a significant point of differentiation for those looking to stay in a traditional hotel.

Honua Kai Aerial

The Hokulani Tower is the southern (bottom) and the Konea is the northern tower near the top of the photo.

You will not find too much differentiation on the interiors of the units throughout the resort with the exception of the three bedrooms. Because these properties are only ten years old- the original stainless Bosch appliances are in good shape and the granite and tile surfaces are still fresh enough for most tastes. You will find some variety of smaller decorative differences and many owners are now replacing the original carpet flooring with new carpet, luxury vinyls, and porcelain tiles. You will find much more differentiation in the three-bedroom residences namely in the varying furniture packages that are included in the sale. Honua Kai residences are almost always sold completely furnished.


Honua Kai is one of 3 short term wholly owned (no time-share) short term vacation rental properties on Kaanapali North Beach- The Mahana and Maui Kaanapali Villas are the other two.

Honua Kai Real Estate Offerings

Honua Kai is a fee simple real estate offering and there are no time shares and it is very rare that you will ever see a fractional or partial ownership offering at the resort- this makes lending much more straight forward.

The two towers consist the following breakdowns: studios, one bedroom/ one baths, one bedroom + den/ one baths (commonly advertised as 2bd./ one bath residences on the rental market), two bedroom/two bathroom residences, and three bedroom/ three bathroom residences. The majority of the oceanfront residences are the largest 3 bedroom residences in the resort but there are a few oceanfront 2 bedroom residences. There are also a couple vertical stacks of three bedroom residences that are not oceanfront located in the center of the “U” on the buildings as well as a couple of stacks near the front of the buildings.

All of the residences at the Luana Garden Villas are 3 bd/3ba with a large covered lanai area and a one car covered garage.

Honua Kai Map with Luana

This particular image is a digital rendering showing what will be the Luana Garden Villas at the Honua Kai Resort.

The Hokulani Tower at Honua Kai

The Hokulani tower has been regarding as the main tower for many years as this is where the larger front desk is located, there is no question that Hokulani is the busier tower of the two. The ground floor of Hokulani has a few meeting rooms, the Aina Gourmet Market (sandwiches, coffee, smoothies, a few sundries, etc.) Hokulani was completed in 2008 and as a whole the units are a bit smaller in terms of square footage than comparable units with the same floor plans in the Konea Tower. 

The Konea Tower at Honua Kai

The Konea tower is the newer tower completed in 2009 and it contains the recently expanded gym, the Ho’ola Spa, and convenience store. The Konea tower doesn’t get as much commotion as the Hokulani tower and it does have the adult pool in its courtyard so it is certainly a bit more on the serene side. 

Luana Villas

A digital rendering of the gorgeous Luana Garden Villas which are currently under construction and are now for sale. 

The new Luana Garden Villas at Honua Kai

The newest addition to Honua Kai, are the Luana Garden Villas which are a rare collection of 72 fee simple vacation rental 2 story townhomes that are all 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The Luana Garden villas just launched it’s first wave of sales (6 buildings in Enclave 1, 2 buildings in Enclave 2) in early April 2018. I am currently representing a buyer on Luana who owns 2 different two bedroom units in the Konea building. Roughly 40% of the buyers for the initial release at Luana currently own other real estate at Honua Kai. There are many owners within the towers of Honua Kai who own a multitude of properties.

The vast majority of the Luana Garden Villas offerings will not appear in our MLS. In a previous post you can read about the new developer offerings at the Luana towers here.

Please reach out to me directly about what is actively for sale at Luana.

Honua Kai History

The Honua Kai towers launched at the peak of our real estate market in 2005-2006 for pre-sales (2007 was actually the peak of our market prices” and the entire Hokulani building sold out in a couple of hours. The economic meltdown that we saw in years to follow had a profound effect on Honua Kai as many buyers no longer qualified for financing. Unfortunately, many of these buyers lost substantial cash deposits to the developer at the time. The developer was still holding a large amount of inventory in 2011 when the market first started to show signs of a real recovery. They offered many units in 20011 and again in 2013 at heavily discounted prices (in some instances up to 50% of original pre-sale prices). This is the time that we saw buyers getting the smallest floorplan one bedroom residences in the low $400k range.

The developers price strategy was clear in that they needed to create cash liquidity- they chose to do so by cutting prices most heavily on those units located on the exterior of the buildings (as opposed to the interior facing courtyard units). They were extremely successful in this approach and this when I started representing many buyers at Honua Kai. My buyer clients who purchased at this time are now all sitting on substantial equity positions in addition to seeing significant short-term rental returns in the interim.

The last remaining developer units at Honua Kai were sold at the end of 2015 and there are only resale units now in the towers as well as the new developer offerings at the Luana towers. I sold the last developer one bedroom at Honua Kai in the late summer of 2015.

Konea lobby

The Konea Lobby featured above. There is a new general store on the ground floor in addition to the complex fitness center and Ho’ola Spa.

Honua Kai Sales Activity

Honua Kai sales values are at all time high here in the spring of 2017 and we just saw a very strong winter vacation rental season. I don’t’ see any compelling reason for values to level off in the near future but this is always part of the market cycle- its just a matter of when rather than if. To date, I don’t believe that there has ever been a disclosed distressed sale (short sale or REO) at Honua Kai. This is not to say that there aren’t some buyers who lost money, but has been isolated for those buyers who purchased at pre-construction prices and sold relatively shortly thereafter.

For a complete statistical breakdown of all Honua Kai Condos Sales Activity please check out the stats section of my page here.

For a comprehensive market analysis of any property for sale at Honua Kai or a detailed price analysis, please reach out to me directly.

Honua Kai Vacation Rental Income

The cash on cash returns at Honua Kai have been leveling off in years past as rental income levels have really plateau and acquisition costs as well as operating costs (HOA fees and property taxes namely), have increased. Honua Kai still provides very strong returns but is certainly becoming more of a lifestyle purchase which is consistent with many other investment properties in Hawaii. Nevertheless, Honua Kai like many of these other buildings are very strong long-term equity plays.

Honua Kai Vacation Management Options

Honua Kai’s front desk rental management company is Intrawest Hospitality Management (manages about ⅓ of the properties at Honua Kai) and then there are two other large (70+ units) local independent management companies. There are then a cluster of about 15 different smaller boutique companies that manage anywhere from a couple of to 20 different properties at the resort. There are also a number of individual owners at Honua Kai who chose to rent their properties out on their own in order to maximize their cash returns. I have represented a number of buyer clients who are currently doing this.

Until very recently, guests of the resort would either check in with the front desk or meet with a representative of the respective management companies to receive keys and be escorted to the unit. Honua Kai does not allow Kabba locks or any other lock on the front doors other than the current RIFD locks which are embeded in a wristband for all guests, owners, and property vendors. Now, all guests are greeted by the awesome crew of individuals which consist of the valet and bellmen crew who have their keys and escort them up to the individual units.

If you are interested in staying with Hawaii Life Vacations and our team, please check out our portfolio of Honua Kai vacation rental properties here. 

Honua Kai Condo Lending

Honua Kai is a fee simple real estate offering and there are no time shares and it is very rare that you will ever see a fractional or partial ownership offering at the resort- this makes lending much more straight forward.

Honua Kai has become increasingly popular throughout the years as lifestyle buyers and investors alike realized the huge value propositions of this fine resort. Rental income returns gradually increased across the board and I believed peaked in about 2015 (this is what we saw in our personal program and is paralleled talking to many other local property managers). Honua Kai is classified as a Condo-tel (special financing requirements) One of the most prominent local banks came out with a 25% down program in and more recently another local bank has come out with a 20% down program as a second home purchase. I detail these in a blog post here.

Hokulani Pools

Center courtyard evening shot at the Hokulani Tower. 

Honua Kai Amenities and Value Propositions

Honua Kai is most widely regarded for its awesome open floor plans, new construction and finishes, its beachfront location, spectacular ocean and mountain views (vary from unit to unit), the onsite Duke’s Beachouse Restaurant, and its spectacular 5 resort style pools. The pools are a huge draw for many visitors and owners at Honua Kai; this is substantiated by the Hokulani pool being shut down for an extended period of time in 2016 and a very short closure in the Konea pools in 2017. The closure in 2016 was really bad for occupancy and fortunately, was substantially improved for the 2017 Konea closure. This is part of any resort like this and the pools are now in great working order.

Honua Kai Pools

The Hokulani “family pool” on the left, the slide and water grotto in the center, lazy river on the right, and Konea “adult” pool on the far right. 

Honua Kai Construction

As of right now, the only ongoing construction affecting the resort is the construction of the Luana Garden Villas which is taking place on the mountain side of both towers in the large grassy area that was previously there.

The south side of the Hokulani tower was heavily affected from the large scale construction project at the adjoining Westin Nanea (time-share towers) between 2014-2016. It was very loud, dusty, and quite disruptive. Consequently, those units located on this side of the building saw significant decreases in rental returns for these two years (we manage 2 different one bedroom units on this side of the building). Now that this is built out it is a much more serene setting albeit many of the view planes have changed with the presence of a 7 story building right next door. Regardless, I have some clients who are still very pleased with the views that they maintain and they have stated that it is much better than they would have expected.

Konea Fireplace

Cozy up to the Konea fireplace as you watch the sun dip into the ocean and maybe you will see the elusive green flash. 

Honua Kai HOA Condo/Maintenance Fees

Honua Kai HOA (stratta) fees have increased steadily throughout the years and are currently based on interior square footage (just like just about all other HOA fees for comparable complexes). I think we still start to see these fees level off as the association continues to build its reserves and streamline its economic policies.

As of the summer of 2018, The Honua Kai HOA fees are $1.83/sq.ft. of interior living area. There was recently a board decision made to keep the HOA fees based on interior square footage rather than including the lanai areas or in the case of the ground floor units- some of the grass area directly in front of the condo. This issue came about because of how the condo declaration for the Luana enclave was filed and the precedent that it would set. The board ultimately decided to file another amendment to keep the status quo on the HOA fees.

The HOA and its board of directors have seen some tumultuous times throughout the years which culminated with the former president and treasurer of the board resigning in 2016 during a very contentious election process. This specific individuals sold their respective properties in the resort shortly thereafter their respective resignations.

There will always be some level of dispute for any sort of condominium association as it’s just not the nature of this many people to agree on everything. The good news is that currently the association and current group owners is in a much more harmonious state.  

Condo Information

  • Land Area: 40 Acres
  • Number of Apartments: 315
  • Number of Floors: 10
  • Pool: Yes
  • View: Ocean
  • Year Built: 2008
  • Apartment SF: Unknown
  • Number of Buildings: 1
  • Security: Yes

Building Specifics

  • Management Company: Intrawest Hospitality Management
  • Building Type: Concrete
  • Roof Type: Unknown
  • Architect: Unknown
  • Developer: Maui Beach Resorts
  • TMK: 2-4-4-014-006
  • Public Report Number: Unknown
  • Zoning: H-2, H-M, R-3
  • Flood Zone: No
  • Owner Occupancy: Unknown
  • Tenure: FS
  • Lessor: Unknown
  • Lease Expiration Date: Unknown
  • ADA Access: No
  • Manager on Site: No
  • Vacation Rental: Yes (Contact your Realtor for details.)
  • Long Term Rental: Yes
  • Office on Site: No
  • Timeshare: No
  • All Timeshare: No
  • Pets: No

Condo Features – (May vary by unit)

  • Refrigerator: Yes
  • Range/Oven: Yes
  • Dishwasher: Yes
  • Washer/Dryer: Yes
  • Common Washer/Dryer: Unknown
  • Microwave: Yes
  • Storage: Unknown


  • Total Stalls: Unknown
  • Unassigned Parking: Yes
  • Stall Rental: Unknown
  • Visitor Parking: Unknown


  • AC: Unknown
  • BBQ: Unknown
  • Cable Paid by AOAO: Unknown
  • Clubhouse: Unknown
  • Elevator: Unknown
  • Exercise Room: Unknown
  • Gated: Unknown
  • Concierge: Unknown
  • Recreation Area: Unknown
  • Restaurants Shops: Unknown
  • Tennis Court: Unknown
  • Hot Tub/Spa: Unknown
  • Event Room: Unknown

Where is the Honua Kai Located?

Complex Map For Honua Kai

Honua Kai Map with Luana

This particular image is a digital rendering showing what will be the Luana Garden Villas at the Honua Kai Resort.

Honua Kai Map - Sizes in Color

Floor Plans For Honua Kai

Sales Data For Honua Kai

Honua Kai Average Sales Price

Honua Kai Average Sales Price

Honua Kai % Sold vs. Last List Price (Not Original List Price)

Honua Kai % Sold vs. Last List Price

Honua Kai Average Days On Market Before Sold (Includes Escrow Time Period)

Honua Kai Average Days On Market Before Sold

Honua Kai Months Supply Of Inventory

Honua Kai Months Supply Of Inventory

Honua Kai Average Price / Sq. Ft. (Interior Living Area Only, Not Lanai Areas)

Honua Kai Average Price / Sq. Ft.

Honua Kai Total Closed Unit Sales

Honua Kai Total Closed Unit Sales

Honua Kai Total Units for Sale

Honua Kai Total Units for Sale

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