Haiku is a place that is very unique. The topography here is so steep that it can almost “hide” properties. You never know when you come around a corner if you will find a massive gulch, a waterfall or a gem of a property tucked away somewhere. The parcels of Haiku are mostly medium-sized or larger. Some very high-end properties exist here. However, there are some older, smaller homes that can be found at more affordable prices. When you are searching for the Haiku homes for sale keep a watchful eye out for unpermitted structures and older homes. Few properties are truly turnkey and many places will need some kind of work or another. However, that being said if you are looking for a fixer-upper property or are wanting to find a place that you can add value to over the long term Haiku might be a good option. Some other things that you should consider when searching for Haiku real estate are the usability of the property. There are some larger parcels here that seem like amazing deals, then you realize that a large percentage of the acreage is unusable when you visit. Another thing to keep your eye out for is zoning restrictions. There are many properties in Haiku that have unusual ownership structure so care should be taken when purchasing Haiku real estate. If you have any questions about Haiku real estate please contact us.

Current Hale Mallia Homes Listings:

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Jeremy Stice is the Author of the Maui Real Estate Guidebook.

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