Maui Hotels

Maui is a truly world-class travel destination. There are millions of visitors who visit this island each year and they all need places to stay once they are here so you can imagine how big the Maui Hotels industry is here. However, contrary to what many mainlanders assume, the whole island is not covered with hotels. The Maui County development plan was designed to keep the resort developments confined to the South and West shores of the island.

“Maui hotels are truly first class. Maui is a top tier vacation destination, and the resorts that you will find here are built to be first class.”

– Jeremy Stice, Realtor (B)


Learn About Maui Beaches

Here you will find all the information you need to get an idea of what Maui hotels are all about. We have information on hotels all over the island, get all the information you need to plan your vacation or Maui investment trip.


Kaanapali Hotels

The hotels in Kaanapali are amongst some of the best of the Maui Hotels. This was the islands first planned resort community and there was a reason for this. Kaanapali beach is an absolutely perfect resort destination. The setting here is ideal for vacationers with sunset ocean views and miles of white sand beaches. Even if you are not planning on staying in Kaanapali during your trip you should spend a day to visit and enjoy a Kaanapali Beach day.

Lahaina Hotels

Long before the planned resort in Kaanapali was ever conceived the hotel industry of Lahaina was alive and well. At that point in time, the harbor in Lahaina was a hub of activity for the whaling industry. The whalers had many places to stay but the only location that remains from that era is the Pioneer Inn which is located right next to the harbor in Lahaina. If you are in Lahaina you will find it right next to the Lahaina Banyan Tree.

Kapalua Hotels

After the success of the Kaanapali resort community, the next planned resort community was constructed in Kapalua. This resort also was built with a golf course that has since become the signature activity of the Kapalua region. Each year there are some major annual tournaments that are held here that bring in thousands of spectators and participants.

Kihei Hotels

Most of the hotels in Kihei were built as the southern coast was being developed in the 1980’s and early 1990’s. Since their construction, the region of Kihei has become a residential area and most of the resorts have closed their doors to relocate farther to the South in the newer resort communities of Wailea and Makena.

Wailea Hotels

The hotels of Wailea were mostly constructed in the early 90’s when the Wailea construction boom was in full effect. The Wailea hotels are built to be first class in every way with large spas, elaborate pools and beachside service from the resort’s many fine dining destinations.

Kahului Hotels

Kahului is not known as a resort destination but there are some Maui Hotels that serve the visitors of the Kahului airport. They are all fairly spartan but serve their purpose well. If you are going to stay here it is best to book your rooms online. The front desks have been known to charge a premium for same day walk-in bookings.

Wailuku Hotels

Wailuku is the county capital city and is one of the island’s original cities. These days Wailuku is fairly sleepy compared to days of old. You will find an assortment of eclectic shops and restaurants and the county buildings. There is very little tourism here and not much to be found in way of lodging. You’ll have better luck in the neighboring town of Kahului if you are planning on staying in central Maui.

Haiku Hotels

Haiku is not an area where you will find any kind of resorts. In the county plan this side of the island was designated to be protected from tourism and for the most part the development has gone according to plan. If you are looking to stay in Haiku there are no resorts that are available, but there are some nice bed and breakfast and vacation rental properties that can be utilized if you decide to stay in Haiku.

Paia Hotels

Paia is a town that is frequented by seasonal travelers that come to Maui to surf, windsurf or kitesurf on the islands North shore. The migration pattern of these seasonal travelers is fairly consistent and corresponds with the winter waves. September and October are when most show up and they normally stay until April or May. While most of these extended stay travelers come to Maui and stay in long-term rentals there are some inns and bed and breakfasts that are available for the short term travelers.

Hana Hotels

Hana hotels are in limited supply. Fortunately, what does exist here is first class. Hana is one of the most picturesque areas on the island. However, the rain that keeps the landscape so green is so consistent that it feels at times that every day is rainy in Hana. This is not the case, there are sunny days in Hana, and when you get them you should be able to enjoy them to the fullest. With a roughly three hour drive to get to Hana from the other side of the island a full day in Hana is not possible unless you stay out there. Unfortunately, with the weather, this is not much rhyme or reason to it so it is a hit or miss situation.

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