Maui Golf

The island of Maui is a golfers paradise. The climate, the courses, the views and the impeccably maintained courses all combine to create what golfer’s dream about. Maui golf courses are easily accessible from most locations on the island. However, to make things even easier we have created this guide for you to be able to find out all of the information that you will need to enjoy the Maui Golf Courses.

“People come from all over the planet to play golf on Maui. The weather, the courses and the conditions are as good as it gets. Maui golf courses are world class”

– Jeremy Stice, Realtor (B)

Learn About Maui Golf

Here you will find all the information you need to get an idea of what Maui golf is all about. We have information about golf all over the island. Use our Maui golf guide to find the information you need to have the best Maui golf experience possible.

Kaanapali Golf

Kaanapali golf is what most people envision when thinking about playing golf on Maui. Warm climate, beautiful views, pristine courses. If you are looking to golf in paradise, golfing in Kaanapali should be on your agenda. Being that the courses are located directly across the street from the islands largest resorts they can be busy so be sure to make your tee times in advance.

Royal Kaanapali Golf Course

Lahaina Golf

The town of Lahaina does not have any golf courses that are located in the town. However, there are some great courses that are fairly close to Lahaina, located just up the coastline in the Kaanapali and Kapalua areas. If you do not have transportation there are shuttles available to Kaanapali throughout the day and taxies can easily take you to Kapalua. Both courses have club rentals available so if you are in Lahaina and looking to squeeze in a last-minute round of golf, you can definitely make it happen without much hassle.

Ka’anapali Golf Resort | Kapalua Golf – Bay CourseKapalua Golf – The Plantation Course

Kapalua Golf

The Kapalua Golf Courses are world class. Each year some large annual tournaments come to the island that are played here. With the tournament comes the famous names and faces of golf which is a treat for the local golf fans. However, these tournaments close the courses to the public so normally right before and after the tee times are very scarce. We have multiple courses that come through annually so make your tee times early.

Kapalua Golf – Bay CourseKapalua Golf – The Plantation Course

Kihei Golf

Kihei is one of the sunniest places on Maui. The golf courses here have some of the best weather of anywhere on the island. As long as you play in the mornings. The afternoon has a tendency to get windy which keeps most of the Kihei golfers off of the courses in the afternoons. Just to the south in the town of Wailea there are also some great courses to be played.

Maui Nui Golf Club

Wailea Golf

The Wailea Golf courses were constructed to rival the top notch golf courses that are found in Kaanapali and Kapalua. If you are staying on this side of the island and looking to get out on the courses you should definitly indulge yourself in a round or two at the Wailea golf courses. Farther south in the town of Makena there are also some great golf courses to play. If you are staying in Wailea you have 5 different courses to choose from within a 5-minute drive from your hotel!

Wailea Blue Golf Course | Makena Golf & Beach Club | Emerald & Gold Golf Courses

Kahului Golf

The golf courses in Kahului are built on the relatively flat ground compared to some of the other locations on the island. The course designers knew that they did not have a chance of competing when it came to views or weather conditions. Kahului is one of the windiest places on the island so the designers decided to embrace this and make a course that is designed to be a challenge. These Maui Golf Courses play hard and if you consider yourself a capable golfer you should see if you can maintain your handicap on the Kahului golf courses.

The Dunes at Maui Lani Golf Course

Wailuku Golf

The Wailuku golf courses do not attract much-visiting golfers and cater almost entirely to locals. This can make for a fun atmosphere to play in that is a bit more casual than what you will find on the rest of the Maui Golf Courses on the island. The weather can be hit or miss if you decide to play here so it is always a good idea to have a jacket in case of a sudden shower.

King Kamehameha Golf Course Clubhouse

Haiku Golf

Due to the amount of rain that comes down on Haiku, it is almost impossible to have a golf course here. This does not mean that if you are staying in Haiku you cannot play golf. The nearby region of Pukalani and Paia are great places to play and are only a short drive from Haiku.

Paia Golf

Paia is the jewel of Maui’s north shore. There are beaches, surf breaks, and even a seaside golf course. The Maui Country Club is located right next to Baldwin Beach which is one of the islands largest beaches. This is a great place for mixed groups to visit where some can play golf and the others can go to the beach or go shopping in Paia.

Maui Country Club

Hana Golf

Hana golf courses are similar to Haiku golf courses in that they do not exist. The lush jungles of Hana are simply too wet to be able to create a golf course that would be able to handle the massive amounts of rainfall. If you are staying in Hana there are not any golf courses that are nearby, but there is a small practice course that is located at Hana’s main resort.