Description of Hookipa Beach Park:  If you’re doing the Road to Hana then you will pass by this beach. Hookipa Beach Park is a Mecca for windsurfers. The beach is perfect for windsurfing. This is because of the reef system that stretches across the whole bay. This allows well-shaped waves to break. The excellent winds of the North Shore provide the fuel that pushes the windsurfers across the waters. You can find a number of windsurfers on the beach and on the water during most days. This beach is not for beginners. The winds and waves here are difficult to manage. During the winter months, the waves here are huge and it is not uncommon to see surfers and windsurfers out on the water catching some waves. During this time, there are many professional windsurfing competitions held here. The Aloha Classic is a long-running competition held in Hookipa Beach Park. This yearly windsurfing competition has been an attraction in Hookipa Beach Park and has attracted numerous spectators and professional windsurfers. The Red Bull King of the Air international kitesurfing competition used to be held in Hookipa. The competition ran from 1999-2005. Going to the beach itself during this time can be dangerous since rogue waves can happen here. Spectators are always advised to stay away from the beach and watch from a distance. During the summer the waves here are smaller and attracts beachgoers and beginner surfers. Some people also come to Hookipa during the sunsets. The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles surface during this time and rest on the shore.

Beach Length: Approximately 1500 Feet.

Beach Type: Rocky.

Bottom Type: Reef and Rocks.

Is there a lifeguard? Yes, there is a lifeguard at this beach.

Facilities: BBQ Grills, Beach, Free Parking, Paid Parking, Park Area, Picnic Tables, Restrooms, Shaded Pavillions, Showers.

Hazards: Large Shorebreak, Large Surf, Partially Buried Rocks, Strong Currents.

Beach Access: Dirt Trail.

Parking: Paved, Free Parking, Paid Parking.

How hard is it to get there? Easy.

What is this beach best for? BBQ, Body Boarding, Sunbathing, Surfing, Watching the Sunrise, Watching the Sunset.

Beach Schedule:

Monday: 7AM-7PM
Tuesday: 7AM-7PM
Wednesday: 7AM-7PM
Thursday: 7AM-7PM
Friday: 7AM-7PM
Saturday: 7AM-7PM
Sunday: 7AM-7PM.

How to get to Hookipa Beach Park

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