Description of Wainapanapa Beach: Waianapanapa Beach is a beach that is located in the Waianapanapa State Park in Hana that is famous for its black sand. The Waianapanapa State Park is a 120-acre state park that houses numerous attractions. These include ancient burial sites, ancient pictograph, temples, natural pools, and the black sand beach. The beach was formed over a very long time. The sand from this beach comes from lava rock that has been worn down by the waves crashing on the beach for over many years. This has turned the sharp lava rock into smooth, round and black pebbles. This provides a unique experience. The landscape here is stunning. You can get a chance to see lava arches, black lava cliffs, and lush vegetation. Swimming here can be dangerous since there is no reef protecting the beach from the waves. When the water is calm, swimming here can be a refreshing dip. However, when the waves are rough, it is not advisable to swim here. The waves that crash on the beach can be quite forceful and the rip current can be strong. You can still frolick in the water and have some fun but always use extreme caution especially if you have kids with you. The Waianapanapa State Park is also famous for having two anchialine pools. Anchialine pools are natural pools where two kinds of water are found. The less dense freshwater is found on the surface and the denser salt water is in the bottom. There is a famous legend about these pools.

Beach Length: Approximately 1000 Feet.
Beach Type: Fine Sand.
Bottom Type: Sandy.
Is there a lifeguard? No, there is no lifeguard at this beach..
Facilities: BBQ Grills, Beach, Free Parking, Park Area, Picnic Tables, Restrooms, Showers.
Hazards: Large Shorebreak, Large Surf, Strong Currents.
Beach Access: Dirt Trail.
Parking: Paved, Free Parking.
How hard is it to get there? Easy.
What is this beach best for? BBQ, Kids, Photography, Sunbathing, Swimming, Watching the Sunrise, Watching the Sunset.
Beach Schedule:
Monday: 7AM-7PM
Tuesday: 7AM-7PM
Wednesday: 7AM-7PM
Thursday: 7AM-7PM
Friday: 7AM-7PM
Saturday: 7AM-7PM
Sunday: 7AM-7PM.

How to get to Wainapanapa Beach

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