Maui Beaches

Maui beaches are some of the best on the planet. The warm waters, the beautiful white sand, and the clean landscape are hard to beat. One of the most popular questions that we get from people that are looking to buy a property on Maui is

“What beaches is this home close to?”

To help answer this question (in bulk) we have compiled this beach guide. Here you will be able to find out which beaches are close to you and what you can expect to find when you visit them. We encourage you to maintain awareness and be careful when you visit Maui beaches. Dangerous conditions can exist and multiple fatalities occur annually.

“The beaches of Maui are the crown jewel of the island’s recreational areas. This guide will help you find all the information you need to be able to safely enjoy the best Maui Beaches.”

– Jeremy Stice, Realtor (B)


Learn About Maui Beaches

The beaches of Maui are some of the best on the planet. Our guide will help you learn where to go, what to see, what you should bring and what you should avoid. We hope that this guide helps you find out which of the Maui beaches are perfect for your needs.


Kaanapali Beaches

The Kaanapali coastline is almost entirely covered with sand. In order to enjoy these beaches at their best, you should visit them in the morning. The winds can come up in the afternoon which can make them less than ideal, but this is not always the case. There are much more calm afternoons during the year at the Kaanapali beaches than you will find on the Kihei beaches down on the southern shore of the island.

Lahaina Beaches

Lahaina beaches are some of the best places to do shoreline activities. The majority of the beaches in Lahaina are surrounded by coral reef. This makes then great for shoreline activities such as fishing, surfing, snorkeling or SCUBA diving. Make sure you get all the information you need before you go so you can have a great time once you arrive.

Kapalua Beaches

If you catch the Kapalua beaches on a nice day you are in for a special treat. These beaches are beautiful, the clear waters make for ideal snorkeling and seasonally there can be fantastic waves for surfing. The conditions of the Kapalua Beaches change throughout the year so make sure that you exercise caution when in or near the water because the region is known for “Rogue Waves”.

Kihei Beaches

The sandy coastline of Kihei is covered with miles of white sandy beaches. When you visit the area you will have a massive selection of beaches to choose from. However, you must know that all of the Kihei beaches are windy almost every afternoon. By windy, I don’t mean a little windy. We’re talking about exfoliating the skin, sandblast your legs kind of windy. These beaches are best when visited in the morning.

Wailea Beaches

The Wailea beaches are some of the most well kept of the Maui Beaches. Many visitors who don’t know better actually think that they are owned by the hotels because of how clean the hotels keep the area. The region of Wailea has a beach path on it that makes all of the beaches easily accessible by foot. Restaurants and bars are available in most of the hotels, but most of the Wailea beaches do not have lifeguards on duty.

Kahului Beaches

Kahana beaches are not on the same level as the neighboring beaches of Kapalua or Kaanapali when it comes to shoreline locations. The coastline here is a bit rockier than other areas and the sand is fairly limited. That being said there are some great shoreline activities to partake in here, shoreline fishing is a popular past time among the locals.

Wailuku Beaches

The beaches of Wailuku are not good for visitors. The area tends to have strong onshore winds throughout the year and there is a fair amount of ocean debris that washes on shore here. There can be some good fishing and surfing opportunities from time to time but the shifty conditions and hazardous shoreline make this an area that we would call “Local’s Only”. If you are staying in Wailuku and would like to go to the beach it might be best to take a trip down south to visit one of the premier beach regions.

Haiku Beaches

Haiku Beaches are something that doesn’t really exist. This coastline of Haiku is mostly made up of rocky cliffs, dangerous shore break and difficult to access areas. When you visit the Haiku coastline there is not much that visitors can do when it comes to shoreline activities. Even among the local population, there are only a select few fisherman and surfers that will brave this rugged area. If you are staying in Haiku and are looking to get out for some shoreline fun we suggest making your way west into Paia. Here there are many different options of beaches and shoreline activities that you can choose from.

Paia Beaches

Paia beaches are the jewel of Maui’s north shore. During the winter there is fantastic surfing here, during the summer there are miles of uncrowded beaches. There can be hazardous conditions that exist here, but plenty of opportunity for good times to be had too. If you are passing through the area we recommend at least pulling over to check out the sites. Some of the surfers and windsurfers that frequent this area are some of the most skilled riders on the planet.

Hana Beaches

Hana beaches (like everything else in Hana) are extremely beautiful. These shoreline playgrounds are some of the most unique that you will find on the island. In Hana, you will find black sand beaches, grey sand beaches and even RED SAND beaches! The conditions of the Hana shoreline can change in a matter of minutes so stay alert when visiting this region. Even locals can easily find themselves in trouble here if they don’t pay attention.

Lanai Beach – Manele Bay Beach

By Jeremy Stice | Maui Beaches, Lanai Beaches


Kaanapali Beach – South Kaanapali Beach (Black Rock)

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Kaanapali Beach – North Kaanapali Beach (Airport Beach)

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