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Makena is one of the most raw and spectacular locations you will find in all of Hawaii. Year round sunshine, light tradewinds, and the most pristine water conditions you will find on Maui. The real estate is exclusive, rare, and the prices reflect this. Makena is simply magical.

“Makena has always been one of my favorite places growing up on Maui. My friends and I would drive from Haiku to arrive at Big Beach at sun rise so that we could experience this magical place to ourselves.”

– Jeremy Stice, Realtor (B)


Learn About Makena

Here you will find all the information you need to get an idea of what Makena is all about. We have information on Restaurants in Makena, Things to Do in Makena, Beaches in Makena, all of the Places To Stay In Makena and of course, because you probably won’t want to go home once you visit, we have all the information you need about purchasing a home in Makena too!


Makena Real Estate

If you are looking for a place in Maui that is private, sunny, and has beautiful beaches, Makena is a perfect fit for you. The properties that you can find on Makena are some of the most sought-after and high-end properties on the entire island of Maui. The weather in Makena is mostly sunny and makes it perfect for a fun day at the beach. This makes it appealing to guests who love the beach. It is also not too crowded. This region of Maui offers privacy to the ones who stay here. That is why many famous people love staying here.

Makena Homes for Sale

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Makena Condos for Sale

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Makena Beaches

The community of Wailea is one of the most underpopulated areas of Maui. There’s not a lot of long-term residents in Makena. However, it does get a high number of visitors. One of the reasons for this is because Wailea has excellent beaches. A good example of this is the Makena beach. Makena beach is one of the largest stretches of beach in Maui. It doesn’t get much of a crowd so you are sure to find a suitable spot to lounge around. It is also a popular spot for body boarding and surfing. There are also other beaches here that offer prime snorkeling spots.

Makena Restaurants

The community of Makena does not have a wide selection of restaurants to choose from. Since this place in Maui does not have a lot of people the restaurants don’t have many customers. One of the popular spots to eat in Makena is Gannon’s. This restaurant is situated in the Gold and Emerald Golf Course. They are famous for the delicious Pacific Rim cuisine dishes that they offer customers. If you want to try out more restaurants, the region of Wailea and Kihei has a variety of restaurants.

Makena Hotels

Makena is not much of a tourist hub. Most of the people who stay here are residents or famous people who prefer the community and atmosphere of Makena. However, Since the region of Makena is just south of Wailea, there Have been some hotels that have been built here. Most of the accommodations that you can find here are condos or vacation rentals.

Things to do in Makena

 Beach lovers are sure to love staying in Wailea. The community has excellent beaches. If you are looking to lounge around under the sun, Makena beach is a perfect place for you. This beach is one of the largest beaches in Maui. It doesn’t have much of a crowd so even if you come here late, you are guaranteed to find a spot that you can enjoy the beach from. It is also a favorite spot of local surfers and boogie boarders. If you want to snorkel, La Perouse Bay and Maluaka Beach are perfect spots for this.

Makena Golf

Makena is home to the Makena Golf and Beach Club. This golf course was redesigned by Dennise Wise. He molded each of the courses 18 holes into individual unique experiences. This golf course is one of the most sought-after courses in Maui. It is also the most exclusive golf course on Maui. Only people who own Makena properties are allowed to be members. Aside from the usual sandpits and water hazards, there are also Hawaiian Lava walls and natural streams and gullies here. This makes the game much more challenging.

Wailea Vacation Rentals

Makena Vacation Rentals

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