Makawao hotels are a scarce commodity. There is not the kind of infrastructure on this side of the island to be able to support the kind of traffic that a major hotel would bring. However, there are some places to stay if you are looking to spend some time in Makawao. There are also a handful of vacation rentals in the area that can also help the travelers who are visiting Makawao.

If you decide to stay in Makawao at one of the Makawao hotels make sure you are prepared for the rain. It does not get very cold so the rain is not as uncomfortable as what you would find on the mainland, but at times you will want to wear long sleeves and pants to be comfortable. While it is not as wet as the neighboring region of Haiku, the town of Makawao has rain come through multiple times a week. Something to keep in mind about the rain here is that the constant watering keeps the ground green year round, so if you want to be in a lush environment Makawao is definitely a viable option.

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