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Maalaea Real Estate is some of the most centrally located Real Estate on the island of Maui. Within about a half hour drive of Maalaea, you can reach the beaches of the South Shore or the West Side. You can reach the large stores in Kahului or the professional offices in Wailuku. You can even get to the town of Makawao within a relatively short amount of time. The largest marina on the island is located in Maalaea and the longest stretch of sand on Maui is also located right in front of the Maalaea condominium buildings.

“The Maalaea Real Estate is some of the most conviently located Real Estate on the island of Maui. There are some great properties that can be found here.”

– Jeremy Stice, Realtor (B)


Learn About Maalaea

Here you will find all the information you need to get an idea of what Maalaea is all about. We have information on Restaurants in Maalaea, Things to Do in Maalaea, Beaches in Maalaea, all of the Places To Stay In Maalaea and of course, because you probably won’t want to go home once you visit, we have all the information you need about purchasing a home in Maalaea too! After you learn about what Maalaea has to offer you will understand why Maalaea Real Estate is so highly desired.


Maalaea Real Estate

Maalaea is a great place to live if you are looking for a convenient lifestyle. It is centrally located close to most of the islands main regions and most things you would like to do are accessible with a less than a 30-minute drive from the Maalaea homes and condominium buildings. Contact us with any questions that you have about buying a home in Maalaea, buying an investment property in Maalaea or selling a home in Maalaea.

Maalaea Homes for Sale
Maalaea Harbor Homes for Sale | Maalaea Homes for Sale

Maalaea Condos for Sale
Hono Kai Resort Condos for Sale O/P/V | Island Sands Condos for Sale O/V

| Kanai A Nalu Condos for Sale O/P/V | Lauloa Condos for Sale O/V

| Maalaea Banyans Condos for Sale O/V | Maalaea Kai Condos for Sale O/P/V

| Maalaea Yacht Marina Condos for Sale O/P/V | Makani A Kai Condos for Sale O/V

| Milowai Condos for Sale O/V | Maaalaea Mermaid Condos for Sale

O= Oceanfront Complex

V= Vacation Rental Complex

P= Pets Allowed

G= Garage

No code= none of the above

Maalaea Beaches

Maalaea is home to the largest stretch of sand on Maui. At the south end is the Sugar Beach area and on the North end, you will find the Haycraft beach park. Right offshore of Haycraft Park, you will find the famous surfing break that is known as “Freight Trains”. This break is only surfable a few times a year when there is a large South Swell and if you get lucky enough to see it when it is breaking you will quickly understand why the break is so famous. It a fast barreling right-hander that provides rides that are hundreds of yards long. For the rest of the year, the waves are typically very small and the long sandy coastline makes for an ideal place to find a piece of beach with some privacy.

Maalaea Restaurants

The restaurants of Maalaea are fairly limited because the area is so small. However, the selection that you can find here is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. The main specialty of Maalaea is fresh fish. There are many fishing boats that operate from Maalaea harbor that each brings an abundant supply of fish to the region of Maalaea.

Maalaea Hotels

The hotels of Maalaea are mainly comprised of mixed-use condominium buildings that have units that can be rented by the night. Technically, many of them would be considered “bed and breakfast” units instead of hotels because they are located in mixed-use buildings. There are some great ocean views that you can find here, and the convenience to the ocean and harbor make for an ideal location for those who appreciate the recreational activities in (or on) the water.

Things to do in Maalaea

Maalaea has great things to do whether you are looking to spend a day by the ocean on a beautiful white sand beach or out on a boat exploring the beautiful waters of Maui. Whale watching, parasailing, snorkeling, sunset sails are available from the Maalaea Harbor. If you are more into land-based activities one of the largest Ziplines in the state is located right across the highway from the Maalaea Ocean Center. Right next to where the zip line ends you will also find the trailhead for one of the most scenic trails on the island. Maalaea has a fantastic hiking trail that goes all the way over the mountain and ends right near the Pali Tunnel.

Maalaea Golf

Maalaea has two golf courses that are located within a short drive of the Maalaea Harbor. Tucked against the side of the mountain, the two factors that will affect the play the most are the strong afternoon winds and the steep slopes. The two things you should remember when playing either of these courses are to keep your shots as low as possible to minimize the wind’s effects on your shots. The second thing you should keep in mind is to always aim a bit uphill of where you want your ball to land. Many shots that land right in the center of the fairway will eventually end up rolling downhill into the rough.

Maalaea Vacation Rental

Maalaea’s places to stay are technically all vacation rentals because they are located in mixed-use condominium buildings. If you are interested in staying in Wailea you will have easy access to the harbor, a beautiful white sand beach, and some great organized vacation activities.

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