There are no Lahaina golf courses. However, ten minutes up the road in Kaanapali there are some fantastic courses. If you want to drive a bit farther you can even go up to Kapalua and play the tournament courses at the Kapalua Resort.

Kaanapali is the main place that Lahaina golfers will play. The slightly cooler weather and ocean views throughout the course are very worth taking a short drive for. If you would like to play at the Kaanapali golf course it is recommended that you make your reservations in advance to avoid any unnecessary delays at the clubhouse during check-in.

When you go golfing in Lahaina (or really anywhere else on Maui) you need to be prepared for a day in the sun. Be sure to bring a hat and sunglasses with you as well as some sunscreen. There are refreshments available on most of the courses but it is still recommended to pack some water with you in your golf bag, just in case.

Lahaina Golf Course – Ka’anapali Golf Resort

By Jeremy Stice | Maui Golf, Lahaina Golf, West Maui Golf

Jeremy Stice is the Author of the Maui Real Estate Guidebook.

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