Kayaking Tour in Molokai

Molokai is home to the USA’s longest continuous fringing reef. It is around 28 miles in length and is located just off Molokai’s southern coast. The reef makes the waters on Molokai’s southern shore calm all year round. This is a perfect place for a Kayaking Tour in Molokai. A fringing reef is a type of coral reef that grows near coastlines around islands. The space between the shore and the reef is filled with narrow and shallow lagoons. The reef protects the coastline and the waters here are perfectly calm all year round. It also keeps the visibility of the waters here excellent. The reef is also home to a number of tropical marine life.

The Kayaking Tour in Molokai is called the Downwinder since the tradewinds will be gently blowing and helping you with the journey. It will take you through what they call the Kamalo run. This tour will start with you meeting them at either the Molokai Center or the Kaunakakai Harbor. They will then bring you to the Kamalo Harbor, located on the south shore of Molokai. You will then kayak along the coastline for about 5 miles to reach the Rice Patch. Along the way, you will get to see the multitude of beautiful colors of the ocean. You can also snorkel in various places. The visibility here is excellent and the waters are teeming with abundant marine life. You can see schools of fishes here. These include papios, manini, wrasses, and other tropical reef fishes. You will also get a chance to see sea turtles here. After getting to the Rice Patch, you can upgrade and extend the kayaking tour for another few miles and finish at the Hotel Molokai.

Here is a list of the different options for Kayaking Tour in Molokai.

Downwinder Kayak Tour – Molokai Outdoors

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