Horseback Tours in Keokea

Keokea is a community located on the southern slopes of Haleakala. This places it in a perfect setting for ranches and farmlands. That is why Horseback Tours in Keokea has an authentic feel to them. The Horseback Tours in Keokea is operated by the Triple L Ranch. The ranch was founded in the early 1950’s by Louis De Ponte Sr. He intended for it to be used to raise purebred Bar Angus Beef. He was joined by his son Louis De Ponte Jr. Louis Jr was nicknamed Bully after a famous fighter. He was one of the Paniolos or a Hawaiian Cowboy. He and his family have kept the Triple L Ranch as authentic and as free range as possible. This shows in the Horseback Tours that they offer here. They accept riders of all skill levels. They have horses for every level of riding ability.

The tours offered by the Triple L Ranch are never routine. They differ from every time the tour goes out. You will go across the unique Kanaio landscape. You will ride through Pi’imoi and down the lava fields. You will get to see the different flora and fauna of the island of Maui. Some of these include Hawaiian koa and wiliwili trees. You’ll also get a chance to see plenty of goats, pheasant, and deers. After a while, you will reach a beach that is unlike the more popular one in Maui. This one is made up of Black stone and white coral. This spot can only be accessed by going on a boat or a horse. You will then have a picnic lunch here.

Here is a list of the different options for Horseback Riding Tours in Keokea.

Custom 2 Hour Ride – Triple L Ranch
Kanaio Beach Retreat Ride – Triple L Ranch
Half Day Kanaio Beach – Triple L Ranch

Jeremy Stice is the Author of the Maui Real Estate Guidebook.

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