Honokowai Guidebook

Honokowai is located in West Maui. It is between the towns of Kapalua to the north and Kaanapali to the south. This makes it a convenient location for residents and guests. The locale in Honokowai is a bit more intimate than in Kaanapali and Kapalua. Most of the accommodations that you can find here are low rise condo units and vacation rentals. Guests love staying here since you are near enough to the world-class amenities of the tourist areas of Kapalua and Kaanapali but far enough that there isn’t much of a crowd. Guests can enjoy the tranquil beaches here. It is common to see Hawaii Green Sea Turtles lounging in the sun. During the winter months, whales are seen frolicking just offshore.

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Learn About Honokowai

Here you will find all the information you need to get an idea of what Honokowai is all about. We have information on Restaurants in Honokowai, Things to Do in Honokowai, Beaches in Honokowai, all of the Places To Stay In Honokowai and of course, because you probably won’t want to go home once you visit, we have all the information you need about purchasing a home in Honokowai too! After you learn about what Honokowai has to offer you will understand why Honokowai Real Estate is so highly desired.


Honokowai Real Estate

The Real Estate Market of Honokowai is mostly composed of low rise condo units and vacation rentals. There are available homes but they do not last long. This is because the properties that are available in Honokowai are sought-after. They combine convenience and a laid-back vibe. Honokowai is near the main tourist areas of Kapalua and Kaanapali. This makes it easier to enjoy the different amenities that they have. Excellent beaches, delicious food, and tournament style golf courses are just a few of what you can find nearby Honokowai.

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Honokowai Beaches

Since Honokowai is located on the West Side of Maui, there are excellent beaches in Honokowai and nearby. One of the most popular beaches in Honokowai is the Honokowai Beach Park. This beach is a combination of a beach and a park. It has excellent amenities like parking, showers and bathrooms and even a playground for children. Because of this and the fact that there is a calm pool near the shore makes it perfect for swimming with kids. If you want to look for other beaches, you don’t have to go far. There are a lot of beaches on West Maui that are good for a variety of water activities.

Honokowai Restaurants

Honokowai is not known as a hotspot of culinary activity. Guests who are staying here has a limited selection of restaurants to choose from. However, there are restaurants here that are attracting a lot of attention among locals and guests. Honokowai Okazuya & Deli is one of these restaurants. They are famous for the dishes that they serve using freshly caught fishes. They also have vegan options and deli sandwiches. Dollie’s Pub & Cafe is a popular spot in Honokowai that serves Italian cuisine in a friendly atmosphere.

Honokowai Hotels

Honokowai maybe located near Kaanapali but there are no big and ultra luxurious hotels and resorts here. Most of the places to stay in Honokowai are low rise condominium complexes and vacation rentals. There are hotels but these usually cater to budget-conscious travelers. The upside here is that there isn’t too much of a crowd in Honokowai. Most of the places to stay here are located on the beach or nearby. If you are looking to stay in more luxurious surroundings, you can go south or north to Kaanapali and Kapalua respectively. These are the main tourist areas on the West side of Maui.

Things to do in Honokowai

Staying in Honokowai gives guests access to the myriad of activities available in West Maui. Honokowai is perfectly situated between the expansive Pacific Ocean and the majestic West Maui Mountains. Guests can choose from water activities or land ones. Water activities include snorkeling, parasailing, sailing trips, fishing, sunset cruises, and when in season, whale watching. If you would rather stay dry, you can join the different activities held on land. Activities like horseback riding, zip lines, hiking and sightseeing tours are available here.

Honokowai Golf

Honokowai golf courses do not exist. However, guests who want to play a round of golf don’t need to worry. You won’t have to travel far to find world-class golf courses. There are golf courses in Kaanapali and Kapalua. Each of these courses will challenge players. There are also other factors that you need to consider when playing here. The most common thing that hampers golf in West Maui is the wind. Winds pick up speed during the afternoons and you need to make sure every shot counts.

Honokowai Vacation Rental

Honokowai Vacation Rentals