Haiku Guidebook


Haiku Real Estate is some of the most precious lands on the island. The tropical weather brings with it enough rain to keep the foliage bright green for the majority of the year. The sunny days in Haiku are as nice as it gets but they are not as frequent as they are in other places of the island. Haiku is known for its afternoon rains and evening showers. The properties here are located close to all the north shore beaches, surf breaks, waterfalls and other points of interest. The airport, large grocery stores and other places to shop in Kahului are located within a fairly short drive of the area.

“I have spent much of my life as a resident of Haiku. This area is complicated, there are many upsides of living in Haiku but there are also many things you should watch out for when purchasing property in Haiku.”

– Jeremy Stice, Realtor (B)


Learn About Haiku

Here you will find all the information you need to get an idea of what Haiku is all about. We have information on Restaurants in Haiku, Things to Do in Haiku, Beaches in Haiku, all of the Places To Stay In Haiku and of course, because you probably won’t want to go home once you visit, we have all the information you need about purchasing a home in Haiku too!


Haiku Real Estate

Haiku real estate is some of the most prime Real Estate on the island of Maui. Made up of a combination of jungle and pastureland the plots here are typically an above average size for the island which opens up all kinds of alternative options that can be utilized by the homeowner or investor. While there are many upsides to purchasing property in Haiku there are also many risk factors that you will need to consider before making your decision to purchase Haiku Real Estate.

Haiku Beaches

The rough ocean along the Haiku coastline has literally stripped away most of the sand areas down to the bedrock. Here you can find coastal access points for specific activities like surfing, fishing or diving. However, the coastline of Haiku is not ideal for most people’s idea of a “typical family day at the beach”. However, close by in Paia you can find some very nice sandy beaches that are ideal for a typical family day of sun and sand.

Haiku Restaurants

Haiku real estate is located close by to some of the best, most fresh produce and ingredients that can be found anywhere on the island. The farm to table kinds of a supply chain that has become popularized in other parts of the country in recent years has always been the norm in Haiku. Healthy food is essentially the only option when shopping for food in Haiku. Buy local, eat local, support local is the Haiku way.

Haiku Hotels

Haiku has typically much wetter weather than other areas of Maui. This has kept Haiku off the radar for most hotel real estate developers. However, even though there are no major resorts there are still many places that visitors can stay in Haiku. Properties here with special permits that allow them to be rented for retreats, seminars, weddings or large family gatherings are commonplace.

Things to do in Haiku

Haiku is the heart of Maui’s “country culture”. Here you will find agriculture, ranching, and an eclectic combination of Maui’s most local families who live right next to some of Maui’s most well to do celebrity estates. There is quite a lot to do to pass time in Haiku. However, be warned. If you are planning of doing outdoor activities in Haiku you should definitely pack a rain jacket. The weather changes frequently and Haiku is generally known as a very wet climate.

Haiku Golf

Haiku is not the home of any major golf courses. The weather makes it less than ideal for golfing because for months out of the year the ground is typically so soft that balls will actually dig into the ground instead of bouncing. The closeby towns of Paia and Pukalani both have golf courses and are not too far to be able to easily drive to for a quick round of golf.

East Maui Vacation Rentals

The selection of vacation rentals in the region of Haiku is some of the best on the island. The properties that you will find here are large and picturesque. Also, because they are off the beaten path for most travelers the rates are normally more economical than you will find in other parts of the island. If you are looking at investment opportunities you should definitely explore the returns that have been found by some of the Haiku vacation rental owners. When done right, Maui vacation rentals can be a very lucrative industry.

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