There are no golf courses in Haiku. This is an unfortunate thing because if there were Haiku golf courses they would practically water themselves and on sunny days the conditions would be ideal. However, sunny days are rare and the ground here is normally so wet that a golf ball would literally crater into the ground when dropping from any kind of distance, literally disappearing into the mud. In addition to that problem, the golf carts would also pose a very large problem. The tires would tear up the wet grass and would force the users to keep the carts on the cart paths. This would dramatically slow down the play which would mean that fewer players would be able to play each day compared to locations with better weather.

If you are staying in Haiku and want to do some golfing you can always take a drive over to Pukalani and play there. The course plays well and the weather is normally a bit sunnier than over in Haiku.

Jeremy Stice is the Author of the Maui Real Estate Guidebook.

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