Central Maui Guidebook

Central Maui is the starting point of most guest’s Maui journey. It is the location of the main airport of the island and is the seat of most of the commercial and civic activities in Maui. Central Maui’s main attractions are the towns of Kahului and Wailuku. Kahului is a bustling town that is filled with commercial establishments, big box stores and an assortment of smaller shops. Wailuku is the center of Maui’s civic activity. It is the location of the county seat of Maui. Wailuku’s location also gives access to a taste of most of what Maui has to offer within a relatively short drive. Iao Valley is also located here. Guests can enjoy a leisurely hike through the cool jungles of the valley to check out the Iao Needle.


“Central Maui has some beautiful properties and is one of the most convenient and affordable places to live on Maui.”

– Jeremy Stice, Realtor (B)


Learn About Central Maui

Here you will find all the information you need to get an idea of what Central Maui is all about. We have information on Restaurants in Central Maui, Things to Do in Central Maui, Beaches in Central Maui, all of the Places To Stay In Central Maui and of course, because you probably won’t want to go home once you visit, we have all the information you need about purchasing a home in Central Maui too!


Central Maui Real Estate

Central Maui is the center of the island’s civic and commercial activity. The geographical location of Central Maui gives residents access to most of what Maui has to offer. This means that you are not far from most points of interest on Maui. The West, South and Upcountry regions of Maui are just a few minutes away. The properties here are sought after because of the various conveniences that they entail. There are a lot of shops and business establishments that can be found here. There are also tons of things to do in Central Maui or nearby.

Central Maui Beaches

The region of Central Maui is not known for having the greatest beaches. The beaches in the West or South sides of Maui has better beaches. Beaches on the other side of the island typically are larger, cleaner and have less winds. However, there are still beaches in Central Maui that are great for a wide range of activities. If you are looking for a beach for some extreme water sport, Kanaha Beach Park is for you. This beach is the birthplace of the sport of kiteboarding. Baby beach another Central Maui beach that is quite popular. It is a great place for bringing kids to the beach since it is protected by an exposed section of rocky reef that creates a lagoon. This creates a tidepool like area that makes the waters inside calm and perfect for swimming and playing with the kids.

Central Maui Restaurants

Being the most densely populated area on Maui, there is a huge demand for restaurants and different types of cuisine in Central Maui. Locals and guests converge in this region for a lot of different reasons., including going out for meals. The restaurants here in Central Maui offers a wide variety of dishes and cuisines that you can choose from. Whatever type of cuisine you are looking for, there’s a high chance that it can be found here.

Central Maui Hotels

Even though Central Maui is the most densely populated region in Maui, there aren’t that many hotels and resorts here. You won’t find any large hotels in this area except for a few places to stay that are close to the airport. Most of the properties here are homes, light industrial and commercial establishments. Most of the people in this region are residents, visitors do not typically stay here. There are small hotels and inns. They cater to new arrivals and travelers. There are also vacation rentals and condo units that are available in Wailuku.

Things to do in Central Maui

Central Maui is mostly geared toward commercial and civic activity. Being the seat of Maui County, it is mostly composed of government buildings and establishments. This is where most of the government business of Maui county happens. However, there are still activities that you can do if you are staying in Central Maui. Iao Valley is located here. This historic park is the location of a great battle many years ago. Now, it is a peaceful place that famous for the emerald foliage and tranquil beauty. People can hike through the area since there is a walkway that runs through the park. Iao Needle is also a popular place to visit. In addition to Iao Valley State Park, there are also beaches and restaurants that you can visit here.

Central Maui Golf

Guests who find themselves in Central Maui and looking for a round of Golf can head to the different Golf Courses that are found here. The golf courses in Kahului are popular with locals. The prices here are reasonable and the courses here were designed to challenge players. However, take not that the winds can be a factor here since they are consistent in the afternoons. The King Kamehameha Golf Club can also be found here. This is one of the most popular golf courses in Maui because of the reasonable prices and the central location. The course challenges the players and makes for a great game. The views that you can see here are incredible and might distract you.

Central Maui Vacation Rentals

Central Maui Vacation Rentals

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