West Maui Golf

Being one of the main tourist hubs of Maui, West Maui has world-class amenities. The West Maui Golf courses are some of the best on the island. The topography of West Maui lends itself naturally to playing golf. The golf courses are situated between the expansive Pacific Ocean and the majestic West Maui Mountains. Players are surrounded by beautiful vistas whichever way they look. The slight slope of the land also provides a challenge to players. Guests can choose from the golf courses in Kaanapali or the ones in Kapalua.


There are two golf courses in Kapalua. The Bay Course and the Plantation Course. Wind is normally a factor when playing at both courses. Players of every skill level are sure to have a challenging game here. The PGA Tour’s annual Hyundai Tournament of Champions is hosted at the Plantation Course. The golf courses in Kaanapali are the Kaanapali Kai Golf Course and the Royal Kaanapali Golf Course. The Kaanapali Kai has an easier layout and is a perfect place to learn about the sport. The Royal Kaanapali Golf Course is more challenging than the Kaanapali Kai. Even the great Arnold Palmer said that the 18th hole here is one of the most challenging he’s ever played.

Kapalua Golf Course – Kapalua Golf – The Plantation Course

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This golf course in Lahaina is a dream course for most avid golfers. This is the host for the PGA Tour’s annual Hyundai Tournament of Champions. Playing here can be a bit tricky since winds get in the way. However, the views you can see from the course are amazing. Casual and avid golfers can have an exciting and stimulating game here.

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Kaanapali Golf Course – Royal Kaanapali Golf Course

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Royal Kaanapali Golf Course opened in 1962 and is the first resort golf course in Hawaii. Prepare for an eye-catching view of Molokai and Lanai during the game as this might ruin your focus. Remember that even the legendary Arnold Palmer once concluded that the 18th hole is one of the most challenging finishing holes he’s ever played. Lastly, the Royal Kaanapali Golf Course is one of the ONLY two Robert Trent Jones Sr.’s golf designs.

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