Kahana Beaches

Are you looking to find the information about Kahana Beaches? If so, you are in luck. On this page, you will find information on the on the beaches that are available in the area of Kahana. Depending on the season there are many types of beach activities that you can partake in here. There are places to fish. There are reefs to snorkel at and there are even some nice places to go surfing.


If you are willing to take a short drive there are other places that are also very good for water activities. The neighboring regions of Kapalua, Napili and Kaanapali also have an abundance of beaches to choose from. We have information about all of the beaches in Kahana, Kaanapali, Napili and more in our comprehensive Maui Beach Guide. Please keep in mind that there is a great deal of seasonality regarding the beaches on Maui. The summer and winters can have a great deal of variance when it comes to weather and ocean conditions so make sure to exercise caution at all times and be safe.

Kahana Beach – Pohaku Beach (S-Turns)

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Pohaku Beach or S Turns is a small beach located just south of Kahana. It got it’s name from the turn in the road that was here before. Now it has been straightened out. This  beach is a favorite of locals who come here for their after work relaxation. This is because the sunset is beautiful when viewed from here. You can also see the island of Molokai across the channel and the island of Lanai in the south. Surfers also come here for a fairly known surf break also known as S Turns.

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