Upcountry Maui Golf

Looking to play on some Upcountry Maui Golf Courses? Well, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that there is a golf course that is located upcountry. The bad news is there is only one of them. Upcountry’s only golf course is located in the town of Pukalani which sits at about 2000 feet of elevation. The temperatures here are nice and cool compared to the courses that you will find lower in elevation that are closer to sea level.

If you are planning to play Pukalani you should consider doing so in the morning because of the tradewinds that typically come up in the afternoon. With the wind, it is typical to also have some precipitation so make sure you bring a light waterproof sweater or jacket with you, just in case you get caught in some weather when you are out on the golf course.