South Maui Things To Do

South Maui is one of the most populous parts of Maui. One of the reasons why people love staying here is because of the South Maui Things to Do. South Maui is known for its beautiful beaches. From Maalaea to Makena, long coastline of South Maui allows you to be able to find a great beach in of South Maui. Maalaea has Sugar Beach, which is the longest beach on Maui. Kihei has the three beautiful Kamaole Beaches. Wailea has five crescent-shaped sandy beaches that are perfect for lounging, swimming, snorkeling and diving. Makena has Makena Beach or “Big Beach” which is considered by many to be “the best beach in Maui”.

However, South Maui has more to offer than just beaches. There are plenty of other things that guests can enjoy in South Maui. The region is filled with restaurants that serve mouthwatering dishes. World-class golf courses can be found in Wailea and Kihei. There are also quite a few organized tours that guests can join. If you are looking to have fun in the water, you can join a whale watching tour, a snorkeling tour, a sailing tour or even a dinner cruise. The Molokini Crater is nearby and is a popular snorkeling site. Looking for some nighttime South Maui Things To Do? If you want to enjoy the night with food and entertainment, then you should check out one of the luaus in South Maui.