North Maui Things To Do

North Maui is less developed than the West region. Because of this, most of the North Maui Things To Do generally revolve around experiencing the beauty of nature. The windswept landscape of North Maui lends itself to impressive outdoor activities. The region is not as crowded as West Maui. It is also cooler since the tradewinds blow through here almost every afternoon. There are lush forests and rugged coastlines that can be found here. There are also great beaches. Although, they are mostly for action sports. This region is mostly for guests who love to hike, surf, body board, and experience nature. Hookipa Beach is located here. This beach is considered a mecca for windsurfers, surfers, and bodyboarders. The consistent trade winds and large Winter storms that pass to the North of the islands give the beaches on the North Shore huge waves, especially during the Winter season. If you happen to pass by here on a windy day, you are sure to see a couple of windsurfers in action. The population of the region is spread out. This gives it a certain amount of privacy compared to the rest of the island. There are excellent restaurants nearby that you can try out during your time here, most are known for using very fresh ingredients.