Kaanapali Golf

Kaanapali Golf is some of the best on the island. The courses here do not have the far-reaching reputation of the Kapalua courses but many golfers will actually tell you that the Kaanapali courses play better than the Kapalua courses. The reason for this is because of the course design and the weather.


The courses of Kaanapali are designed to play a bit easier than the courses of Kapalua. The topography is not as extreme and the fairways are wider than the more “tournament style” design of the Kapalua counterparts.


The other reason why it is common to hear golfers say that they think the Kaanapali golf courses play so well is because of the weather. Kaanapali is not as wet as Kapalua. The Kaanapali golf courses are normally very sunny and light winds are normally present in the afternoon. The winds of Kaanapali are enough to cool down the temperatures but generally not strong enough to dramatically affect the play of the course.

Kaanapali Golf Course – Royal Kaanapali Golf Course

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Royal Kaanapali Golf Course opened in 1962 and is the first resort golf course in Hawaii. Prepare for an eye-catching view of Molokai and Lanai during the game as this might ruin your focus. Remember that even the legendary Arnold Palmer once concluded that the 18th hole is one of the most challenging finishing holes he’s ever played. Lastly, the Royal Kaanapali Golf Course is one of the ONLY two Robert Trent Jones Sr.’s golf designs.

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