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Napili Bay Real Estate Guide

If you want to own real estate on Napili Bay, let this blog post, the Napili Bay Real Estate guide serve as your definitive reference. Napili Bay is one of Maui’s most desirable and inviting beaches due to its pristine conditions, its naturally stunning location, and that the bay is well protected from prevailing trade-winds make Napili Bay Real Estate very popular. I was born and raised in Haiku, Maui and when I first moved to West Maui 8 years ago, my bachelor self-rented a little one bedroom apartment in Napili Ridge, the most affordable ownership opportunity in Napili. Being right next to the Bay, I loved it.


My wife and I would walk down to the bay for morning swims, mid-day snorkeling breaks, stand up paddling cruise missions, or romantic sunset gazing. In the summertime here, the water is as calm as it gets. Snorkelers and/or more novice ocean adventures delight in that that the entry into the water is approachable and that there is abundant sea life, lot’s of turtles and fish on the reef which is very close to shore.

Napili Bay Real Estate sees some small shorebreak waves pre-hurricane Lane

During the winter, there can be some winter swells that will come into the bay which break on the reef which is about 30 yards or so from shore. In my opinion, the Napili weather is perfect- beautiful sunshine smiles, consistent tradewinds cool and purify, and just the right amount of occasional raindrops to moisturize. Golden sand beaches and breathtaking lush mountainsides of Mauna Kahalawai serve as your playground. Invigorate yourself with the unobstructed views of Lanai and Molokai island, whale watching and to die for sunsets mesmerize you.

There is just something really special about Napili Bay and for those who want to own real estate here, there are some great boutique vacation rental condo options. You can view all available real estate options in Napili here or broken down by complex below, Napili Real Estate for Sale.

Although there is much to love about Napili Bay real estate, here are a couple of the challenges that I share candidly and am happy to discuss in full when you contact me:

1.Napili Bay Real Estate can get very crowded during the busier travel seasons.
2.Unless you are staying at one of the resorts, showers for rinsing off on the bay and parking is limited.
3.The real estate opportunities although beautiful are certainly on the older side with 70s and 80s construction with the exception of Napili Shores which was recently completely overhauled.
4.Many of the associations in Napili Bay restrict your ability to rent the property out on your own or through an independent company so it’s important to understand which ones this applies to.

Napili Bay is home to several ownership opportunities- going from North to South ( left to right) on the upper photo we have: both at Napili Kai Beach Resort Puna Point Condos for Sale and Napili Lani Condos for SaleHale Napili Condos for Sale,  Napili Sunset Condos for Sale , Napili Bay Condos for SaleNapili Surf Condos for Sale , and Napili Shores Condos for Sale.

As well those near but not directly on Napili Bay:  Napili Point Condos for SaleHonokeana Cove Condos for SaleNapili Gardens for Sale, and Napili Ridge Condos for Sale.

Properties in Napili Bay are within short walking distance to several restaurants, most notably the Seahouse and the Gazebo which are on opposite ends of the Bay as well as Merriman’s Kapalua which sits just north of Puna Point and borders Kapalua Bay. There is the Napili Plaza which is a short drive away and has several restaurants, a workout facility, a drug store, commercial businesses, and a full-service grocery store. Napili Bay properties are also in very close proximity to the two fantastic golf courses in Kapalua- the Bay Course and the Championship Plantation Course.

There are a couple complexes in Napili where owners or independent management companies can thrive by renting their properties out. There is not a lot of inventory in Napili and there is a very strong demand. However, there are other complexes where the structure of the association and common elements are established- that it is basically prohibitive to work with a rental agency other than the front desk.

Please click the individual condo listing pages for more detailed descriptions of the properties that I have personally authored, comprehensive/current and historical market data, floor plans, and all available real estate offerings.

With this- If you want to own on Napili Bay but don’t see what you want currently on the market- contact me and I will do my best to make it happen. I have assisted many clients with off-market sales.

Napili Kai Beach Resort- The Gem of Napili Bay

Napili Kai #32 is a property that I sold years ago and I am including the above video for area reference.

Napili Kai Beach Resort is located on the northern end of the beach and is often regarded as the gem of all offerings at Napili Bay. It is the largest resort and by far has the largest land area and amenity offerings (multiple pools, lawn games, and on-site Seahouse restaurant). Napili Kai is set up as both a hotel and a fee simple wholly owned vacation rental complex. When looking at the Bay from the complex- the units on the left closer to the road are the hotel section, the section in the middle are Napili Lani Condos for Sale and to right out on the point are Puna Point Condos for Sale. The vast majority of the condos here are rented out by the front desk but I did find a couple listed on independent rental sites.

Hale Napili- Hale Napili Condos for Sale

Hale Napili is a small vacation rentable complex that is located right in the middle of the bay itself. There is a gate off of the front lawns and BBQ area that you see above and there is another gate located on the roadside entry of the complex which is on the mountainside of all of this making it quite private. I believe that all of the units at Hale Napili are also rented out by the front desk program.

Napili Bay Real Estate See’s The Sunset-Napili Sunset Condos for Sale

Napili Sunset is located on the southern end of the beach right next to Napili Surf. Napili Sunset is another one of those complexes where the front desk rents out all of the units. There are two beachfront buildings at Napili Sunset and one that is non-oceanfront where select second story units have some ocean views. I believe all of the units at Napili Sunset are rented out by the front desk.

Napili Bay Real Estate- Napili Bay Condos for Sale

Napili Bay is a small 33 unit complex located literally right on the sand at Napili Bay, there is really no grassy area in front of the complex here, it is just a drop off to the beach making it intimately connected with all that makes Napili Bay great.

Napili Surf is located on the southern end of the beach and has been under re-construction for the last couple of years. The buildings have undergone substantial renovations and infrastructure improvements and in all purposes, have basically been completely overhauled.

Napili Shores- Napili Shores Condos for Sale

Napili Shores is located on a grassy knoll overlooking Napili Bay so it is not direct beachfront but there are oceanfront units that look right at the bay our out towards Molokai. The grounds are well manicured lush gardens with two beautiful pools. Napili Shores is home to the oceanfront shack restaurant, The Gazebo which regularly has hour-long waits for its epic breakfast offerings most notably the pancakes which are some of my very favorites.

Napili Real Estate within short walking distance to Napili Bay

All of the below properties are not located directly on Napili Bay but are within a short walking distance to it.

Napili Point- Napili Point Condos for Sale

Napili Point sits directly on Honokeana Cove and is a short walking distance to Napili Bay (under 5 minutes). Napili Point is free game for vacation rentals and many owners do very well with independent companies or renting the properties out on their own. Napili Point has fee simple and leasehold real estate offerings. The section of Napili Point that is closest to the lower road is all fee simple whereas those units out closer to the point.

Honokeana Cove sits at the base of Honokeana Cove and is also a 5-minute walk to Napili Bay. Honokean Cove is a nice part of Napili Bay Real Estate and is free game for vacation rentals and many owners do very well with independent companies or renting the properties out on their own.

Napili Gardens- Napili Gardens Condos for Sale

Napili Gardens is a short-term vacation rental condo complex that has a much more residential feeling to it. Although it is zoned for short term rentals and the units do very well, there are many people (owners and tenants) who live here full time as all of the units are 3 bd./ 3 ba. residences. Napili Gardens sits mauka side of the Napili Kai Beach Resort and abuts the Kapalua Bay Golf Course.

Napili Ridge is a short walking distance to Napili Bay and is by far the most affordable real estate ownership opportunity in the area. There are many units at Napili Ridge that are leasehold so if the price looks strange (much lower) compared to other like-kind units it is likely because it is leasehold and not fee simple. I had a one bedroom ocean view unit at Napili Ridge when I first moved to the West Side and I was very happy there as a bachelor at that time.

Work with a Napili Realtor Specialist
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  2. I have represented many buyers and sellers for Napili Real Estate transactions. I have the passion, knowledge, and expertise to help you accomplish your goals. 
  3. I am a vacation rental REALTOR specialist in every sense, here are some of my previous blog posts:
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