Kula’s close proximity to Haleakala gives guests here a multitude of activities that they can do. The Bike Tours in Kula are one of the most popular ones. There are different bike paths that you can take. However, the most famous one is the Haleakala Downhill. These tours will take you over the slopes of Haleakala. Cruising down the Haleakala mountain is something that you are sure not to forget. Seeing all the greenery pass by and feeling the wind in your face, you will certainly understand why guests keep coming back to Maui.

There two kinds of Haleakala Downhill tours. There are Sunrise bike tours and the Day Bike ones. Both of them will take you to the top of Haleakala in vans and they will allow you to cruise down the slope of the mountain. The Sunrise Bike tours will leave early in the morning around 2 hours before the estimated sunrise on that day. You will ride a van going up Haleakala and will be dropped off at the top. You will be able to see the beautiful and world-famous sunrise at the Haleakala Park. After this, you can take in the sites and cruise down on your bikes. The Day tours will take you there after the sunrise. You can still check out the sites in Haleakala and marvel at the impressive cinder cones and the huge crater. Then, cruise down the slope.

There are also unguided tours that will start out the same as the guided ones. The only difference is after the briefing, you will be given maps and you will make the descent down the Haleakala Highway by yourself. You will be able to stop whenever you want to and cycle at your own pace. You can just meet up the with the staff at their shop or another predetermined place. Always remember to exercise caution when doing this type of activity. Always be careful in turns and always give the right of way for cars going down or up the road.

Jeremy Stice is the Author of the Maui Real Estate Guidebook.

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